Totally Awesomely Eclipsey?

We went to South Carolina this weekend to stay with some friends.  They lived where the eclipse would be in totality.  So, Monday at 2:40ish we all stood in a school yard near there house to watch this amazing work of God.

It was so awe-inspiring.  Nothing can even be compared to it.  I enjoyed taking pictures.  All right, maybe my friend and I got a little carried away with the shadows but you have to say they were really cool.  All the shadows were crescent-shaped because the sun was only a crescent.

So here’s some pictures that are cool.  But remember, they don’t even do it credit.  It was something you really had to see for yourself.


The sun at 1ish in the afternoon.  Aren’t the beams cool?IMG_8745.JPG

All of us kids wearing our glasses.  I’m in the pink shirt on the left corner.fullsizeoutput_56b8.jpeg

Okay, I got a little hungry and there was a scuppernong vine.  Who could resist?IMG_8790.JPG

The sun less than 7 minutes before the total eclipse.IMG_8804.JPG

Yeah!!!! It’s in totality!!!!!!IMG_8799.JPG

Okay, the weird part was the crickets started to sing when it reached totality, and all the lights turned on.  It cooled off (boy, was it hot!) and people set off fireworks.  It was really strange.IMG_8803.JPG

The sunset at 2:40ish!  It was crazy (but that’s kinda why it’s on this blog XD).IMG_8806.JPG

I saved the best for last.  Well, this one’s not the best but the shadows were awesome.  Check out how they’re crescents!IMG_8788.JPG




It was so cool, like SOOOOO cool.  I wish you could have all experienced it.  If you did, please leave a comment below about your experience.  Thanks for looking at my pictures!–Amie



7 thoughts on “Totally Awesomely Eclipsey?

  1. Mandalynn says:

    So for the Sumer Bored Games challenge you have to write a six hundred word comment and I figured I would go back and post it one your first post, but for some reason that is gone now so I’ll just do it here.
    We did get to see the solar eclipse. It was really amazing to see! Um, I can’t think what to say and I still have five hundred and thirty words left. Did you know there will be another solar eclipse in six years? Right now I am in our computer room listing to the many voices of people outside of it. Oh wait, I just remembered something I have to do right now. Okay, that is done. Now, what was I talking about? Arg, I can’t think what to write! Oh, did you know a new Heirloom audio is out? Which G. A. Henty audio drama is your favorite? Mine are “In Freedom’s Case” and “The Reign of Terror” My second favorite is “Wulf the Saxon.”
    Ummmm, *desperately trying to think of something to write* how is Snowball the rabbit? What is going on in your house right now? Have you all been swimming?
    Let me see… how about I write some kind of poem? A tree stood in the meadow. it’s branches stretching upward, it’s bright green leaves fluttering in the afternoon wind. a lad sat beneath the tree, a book upon his lap and he was reading it eagerly. The child was dressed in a faded shirt and pair of patched overalls, his straw hat lay beside him in the grass. before the boy’s eyes the words on the page seemed to transform into a wonderful battle scene: men in uniforms of gray and blue, with muskets in their hands, advanced across a field and the lad beneath the tree thought “could it be that that field was something like this one?” the sun was sinking lower as the lad read on until the sun was almost set and it was time for him to go home. He sighed a little happy sigh and closed his precious volume then jumped up and raced through the meadow until coming to a fence. With one quick leap the boy sailed over and dropped into a heap. Up he quickly got and ran down the dirt road, until he came to the doorstep of his home.
    Eh, didn’t sad half bad. Let’s see how many words left. One hundred ninety! What will I talk of now… this is definitely the longest comment I have ever written! Do you ever have trouble between the words definitely and defiantly? I pretty much have them straight now. This has taken up like half a page! Think think think what to write how is your garden doing? We have lots of blackberries from our neighbours bushes and have made some delicious things with them, like scones, cobblers, and blackberry cream cheese for toast, which is delicious.
    If this comment is not very grammatically correct sorry, because I am trying to write it fast.
    only eighty two words left! This is like the most difficult challenge! How is every one at your house? Doing well? Dum diddle dum diddle dum diddle dee! I only have fifty five words left! Almost to six hundred! Just a few more words! It is getting late now. Have you been crafting anything? I am almost to siz hundred words. Almost almost almost! If you do not care to answer this absurd comment I do not mind. Yippee, ten words left! Finally six hundred words exactly! Yay!!!

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