Series V. Scarlett King

Okay, today I’ve decided to start a series for my blog.  It’ll be my first one so I hope you like it.  It’s about a girl by the name of Virginia Scarlett King and it’ll be her letters to her godmother and diary entries.  I hope you enjoy them.


Dear Wia,                                                                                                                4/29-30/2017

I never knew I had a fairy godmother! How cool. Call me Scarlet, please! Everyone except for Mother and Gwendoline call me Scarlet. They call me Virginy-gal. Ugg! How awful! If you called me that, I will burn every last letter from you, I swear. Hmm, do fairy godmothers protect you? If they do, you ain’t doing a good job. I’ve broken my arm and I’m not doing anything for a long time.

Wow! Now I know a hundred year old fairy. Do you think I’ll live to be a hundred? Well, I know I won’t if I don’t quite breaking bones. Mother says I’ve broken to many already this year but how else am I supposed to learn trick riding?  Or ride cows? Come on! You’ll have to agree with me!

No, W. I. T. C. H. stands for wacky, intense, terrifically, charitable, hoot. I made it up when I was eight, remember? Still, I don’t know why you read it out of my journal! Boy, my hand writing was bad.

Yes, fairies must be vain. Am I vain? I don’t know, you read my journal so you might know. Wait, my brother, Deitrick and I have the same Aunt. What?!? I’m to young to have suitors! I’m only fifteen. Goodness, I’d have Gwendoline giving me a tick in the ear of she even guessed what you thought! Of course, Gwendoline doesn’t have any suitors and she’s eighteen! How awful!

I saw you at the ball? What do you look like any way? It was you who sent me that, umm, dress? How…thoughtful! Yes! How thoughtful of you, Wia! It was a, umm, nice dress and I might have worn it if Mother hadn’t slaved over the dress I did wear.

Yes, I’m sure my red hair would have been simply smashing in that magenta dress.  Wow, it would have been a doozer for sure. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, godmother. It was truly by accident. Next time I get a dress from anonymous (gulp!) I’ll wear it to the next ball.

Well. I told you about my arm and so I’ll tell you about being stuck at home. Ugg! Gwendoline keeps pampering me. I hate to be pampered. Elfie has been giving me ‘updates’ on the outside world. Mother doesn’t want me to wear myself out. Humph.

A talking cat?!?! How amazing! I want to meet him. Can you teach my horse to talk, Wia?  If ya can, I’ll be thankful! Candor is a smart horse, I’m sure it won’t take long.

Have I told you all my siblings names, godmother? Well, there’s Gwendoline, Deitrick, Elfie, Georgia, Edmund, and lastly Sierra. Yep, there’s seven of us young Kings. And then there’s Stinky the dog and Cantankerous the cat. Oh yeah, and Grumps the rat. Then there’s the livestock. There’s too many of those to name. Cantankerous won’t keep me company when I need it! Stinky follows Elfie around like a dog. Well, I guess it’s good he’s a dog then!

As a fairy godmother, can you for tell the future? It would save me a ton of time if you could. I would for ever be in your debt. Hmm, I’m going to sleep. Night.

Good morning!  I’m going to church today. Will I see you mysterious godmother? Well, I’ll mail this tomorrow.

Love, your god-daughter,

V. Scarlett King

4 thoughts on “Series V. Scarlett King

  1. Sam Bowling says:

    Scarlett! You never told me that you had a blog! As your Fairy Godmother, I think I ought to have been the first one to know. Whatever, I have my ways of finding out these things–and my ways of finding out where you put that candy you smuggled from the pantry!
    Well, I suppose I forgive you, but next time tell me so I won’t have to waste all that time looking through your diary.
    Your Godmother,
    Wow V. Hodgeling


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