The Reluctant Reader

“Hello, there,” said Will, smiling and trying to reassure the girl.

“Hello,” answered Elmira as she carefully closed the book and stood up.  She noticed Will was in the dress of a young gentleman and that made her shy.

“I’m Will Honorable,” said Will, giving her a hand.  Will was around the age of seventeen.

“I’m Elmira Kingston,” said she, taking the hand-held out to her hesitantly.  Her clothes were coarse and worn but instead of decreasing her beauty they seemed to add to it.  She was around the age of fourteen.

“Are you one of my father’s tenants?” asked Will.  

Elmira now realized who this boy was.  

She withdrew her hand quickly and blushed, saying, “Yes, my aunt lives up the path and she kindly took me in.”

“I see you were reading.  What book is that?” asked Will, taking a seat.

Are you interested?  No?  What?  I was sure you’d be interested.  I know I am.  Check out my newest story under my page stories.  It’s amazing, if I do say so myself!  Enjoy the read!–Amie

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