BIBPC #5 Category #4

So this category is celebration and it took me a long time to decide what to do.  I thought about birthday pictures or Christmas but then I wondered what celebration really meant.  Out came the dictionary and I looked it up.  That didn’t give me much ideas.  So then I thought about what you do when you celebrate.  So here’s what I think about when I think of celebrating.  I think of music, dressing up, eating/drinking, and decorations.  So the first picture is for the BIBPC.


The book is a dictionary, just so you know….IMG_9001.JPG

Another one I didn’t like that much.IMG_9004.JPG

And the last one!  I hope you like my photography efforts!  I like the contrast of colors and I was so happy when I saw the pretty color of my fiddle.

Please comment if you liked them.–Amie

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