My photographic efforts

I’ve been posting photos for the BIBPC but I haven’t been showing you the other pictures I’ve been taking.  I thought you might like to see the other ones.  I really enjoy taking pictures of scenery, so that’s what the pictures are mostly of.  I like cows also, so there’s a few of them and my friend’s horse.fullsizeoutput_580e.jpeg

The swing picture turned out pretty well.  I just so happened to have my brother in the background though.  Well, all pictures can’t be perfect.IMG_9055.JPG

I love the little yellow flowers.  Everyone tells me they’re weeds but if they’re pretty, who cares? IMG_9064.JPG

The moss is so cool!  It always intrigues me how it grows.  Do you enjoy botany?  Comment down below if you do!IMG_9082.JPG

I enjoy gaps between trees.  Can you get through?  Or can you not?  And the beautiful grass is beyond the gap!IMG_9074

The setting sun adding just the right lighting to this picture.  I love how the rainbows happen (That is NOT the right term but I’m trying not to lose my audience!) with the sunlight.IMG_9078

Another picture of the sun ❤IMG_9083

The cows are sharing secrets.  They’re probably complaining about my picture-taking! IMG_9073

A far away picture.  Don’t you just love the lighting?IMG_9045

The darling horse is surrounded by…chickens! LOL XDfullsizeoutput_57ff

The eyes are the window of the soul…or something close to that.

Well, that’s all folks.  I hoped you enjoyed looking at my pictures.  I had fun taking them.  Please comment down below and make sure that the comment honors both God and man.  Thanks–Amie

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