Series V. Scarlett King

I found an entry to Scarlett’s diary!  It’s a pretty interesting one, at least I think.  So…jump right in.


Dear Diary,

I am sorry I haven’t written in so long.  Just been busy being bored!  It’s amazing how you can get so tired just doing NOTHING!  Let me advise you, Diary, never to have a broken arm!  You might as well have a broken head.

I guess it isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be.  I just really miss Candor and being outside.  I still wake up at five on a Saturday but I can’t go ride Candor!  That’s what makes me upset.  I miss the warmth of Candor’s horse breath and the soft clop of his feet.  I miss my horse!

I haven’t gotten another letter from Wia yet.  Her last letter was interesting.  I never knew all that about fairy godmothers.  I didn’t even know they really exist, but I guess the letter is living proof.

Georgie and I have been coloring a lot.  A lousy thing to exchange for horse back riding, I know.  But it is fun.  We make up these crazy stories to go with our coloring pages and it’s pretty silly.  Mine was about a girl being locked in a garden but she was saved by a bird.  Georgie’s was about some hummingbirds.

Sierra is getting so big!  She is running around and pulling Cranky’s tail.  Cranky’s snatched her quite a few times but Sierra still get’s a kick out of Cranky jumping three feet in the air.  You have to admit, cats do act funny when you pull their tails.

Hmm, nothing else has happened.  Gwendolyn has been bossy as usual.  Oh, Deitrick is working for a neighbor.  I wish I had a job but then I wouldn’t have as much time with Candor.  Also, I was annoyed to find that Grumps had chewed through some of my leather tack!  How does that taste good?  I have not the slightest idea.

I have nothing else to write.  I suppose I might as well close and go to bed.

The only,

V. Scarlett King





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