Riding the Storm

This Monday we hunkered down in our basement as the remains of hurricane Irma whipped through our trees.  After an extremely boring and lazy day, we woke up to a dreary and drizzly cold day today.  My mom decided we would go out and clean up the yard but as soon as I walked out the door, I knew I was going to do anything as long as I didn’t have to work outside.

I agreed to take pictures and then clean the basement and ground floor instead of working out in the cold, drizzly weather.  I think that was a pretty good deal.  At least I stayed warm and dry.  Any way, here are the pictures I was required to take.  It was actually fun to take these pictures when I wasn’t standing in the wind.


My sister found this little guy.  He was hiding in the pots we placed in our garage.  She took him in and now he’s in a cage on our counter.  She has christened him Jose, after one of the hurricanes.  She said she couldn’t name him Irma, because he was a boy.  I’m not exactly sure how she knows it’s a boy but she said she does.fullsizeoutput_5820

Look how bright the moss and stuff is!  It’s so pretty.  *Sigh*fullsizeoutput_5823

I love droplets.  It’s amazing how you can see through them and sometimes you get a reflection or a rainbow.  God is a marvelous God!IMG_9121

This tree that we had fallen over a while back but it’s kept on living.  I went over to it today and found all this sap on it.  It was cool enough to need a photo.IMG_9131

The bird bath is nice and full, waiting for the birds to bathe.  IMG_9135

Here are some acorns that will never be oaks.  The poor things will never get big and brown.  They’ll never grow up, their career was stopped short.  Poor acorns!IMG_9133

Here’s a poor wind shredded rose.  It’s career was stopped short too.  Well, I don’t feel as bad for it as the acorns.IMG_9139

Here’s the trunk of the tree I was talking about.  It’s still in the ground.  Doesn’t the ivy look cool on it?

Well, that’s all folks.  I didn’t put the pictures of all the stuff my family raked up but I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of pictures like that already.  See ya!–Amie

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