What should my character be?

Hello guy! Today I will be discussing one of my favorite topics, which is…writing!  I’m a writiaholic, if there is such a thing!  And one of the things that makes writing an art is the characters you (the author) make alive.

Now, it’s hard to make your character alive.  You start, then realize that you do not think of your character with those color eyes!  Not at all!  What color though?  Or, you’re in the middle of the story and you realize that your character actually doesn’t like fish…At all!  Or, you have the BEST story ever planned…but you don’t know what the main character should look like.

I usually start with a sheet of paper, and I scribble down some questions that are likely to need answering, like how old is the character?  How many siblings do they have?  What are their likes/dislikes?  I answer these then I move on.

One of my lists

Next, I think about what they look like.  Do they have strait or curly hair?  Is it in the middle?  What color would I describe their hair?  Now, the hair color is difficult.  If I said ginger, they might have hair from orange to blondish.  I would suggest looking up the coloring you’re thinking to make sure it’s the right wording.

What color blue?

After I figure out what I’m thinking for their looks, I sketch a picture.  This isn’t very necessary, just something I like doing.  It’s fun to have a portrait of your character, even if no one else will see it.

One of my sketches

Now, the name.  I enjoy this part a lot too, since I really like names!  I usually go through all the letters in the alphabet and pick the one that best suits my character.  Then I have this really thick name book I go through.  Last names are really hard for me.  I mean, you have the usual ones like Brown, Smith, and Johnson but if you want a little more originality?  I look up last names on the web, just to give me some ideas.

Now, you are almost done with your character!  Doesn’t the character start to feel real?  The last thing I do is figure out what the character wants with their life.  This can be tricky, I mean, how many jobs are out there?  But then the job depends on how tall your character is, how athletic, how smart, if they enjoy music, and more.

I hope that helped you out!  I am not a professional, but I hope you enjoyed my advice.  If you did, please comment down below!  See y’all later–Amie

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