Speckled Teeth?

Speckled teeth?  What in the world is that girl talking about?  Haha, well, I’ve been braced!  Is that even how you say it?  Actually, I have gotten braces, so in a way, my teeth are speckled.

The last picture of me smiling without braces.

It’s not as bad as people say.  I actually am enjoying the attention.  Who knew that with braces you get a lot of your favorite ice cream?  I certainly didn’t!  But I’m enjoying it.

Someone also picked me a ‘keep smiling’ rose.  It’s a Queen Anne variety and I learned something new.  Who knew that the red roses are called Abraham Lincolns?  It’s weird, isn’t it?  But the rose was really pretty.

My ‘keep smiling’ rose.

I think the hardest thing about the braces is that the food gets stuck in them, which is kinda weird.  But hey, it could be worse, right?  And it’s pretty strange looking into the mirror or trying to smile but I’ll get used to it over time.

My little sister and I

My little sister was astonished (and still is!) that I have “blue” on my teeth.  She wouldn’t let me put her down and kept saying, “Blue, yah-yah, blue!”  Aren’t little kids so cute?  Well, I suppose that is it.  Comment down below if you have (or had) braces and what was the worst part for you?

As always,


15 thoughts on “Speckled Teeth?

  1. Kendra Lynne says:

    I actually recently got my braces off (and I am extremely happy about it). So its fun to read that someone justs got their braces on. You have no idea what you’re in for! *gives somewhat evil laugh, but feels bad and thinks of the *SPOILER ALERT* pain you’ll have to go through, and whimpers in remembrance*


  2. Hannah B. says:

    Hey! Love this blog sight you’ve made! So cool! And as you remember I had braces too! For two years! How long are you having yours? And you’re right, you do get a lot of attention! I’m getting braces back on in Jan. or Feb. (oh boy!) Yeah, I do remember getting a lot of food stuck in mine too! Chicken and and other meats like pork or steak were my fav to pick out! (not! lol!)

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  3. Lydia says:

    Hi, Amie!
    I just saw this post from your post The Long List of Tags!
    Braces are awesome and they really do work! I recently got mine off and I’m so happy I got braces! They fix your teeth like a pro!

    Liked by 1 person

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