Series V. Scarlett King

Dear Diary,

Life has been awful! Well, not that bad but my godmother, Wia, is something else.  It’s been hard to get used to. She kinda took over everything.

Our other guest, Sir Catwood, is the best guest ever. He is smart and doesn’t bore you with conversation or boss you around. The only thing he requires is total undisturbed 1-3 in the afternoon. He borrows our computer and types his books.

I have asked mother if we may keep him and mother says she doesn’t mind. Only Gwendoline objects, saying that we have enough ‘animals of the feline form’ around the house.

That through Sir Catwood in a fit of passion. Being the gentleman he is, he let that comment pass with only mild cussing. Later he apologized in splendor, even kissing Gwendoline’s hand but she didn’t appreciate it.

Everyone else (Deitrick, Elfie, Georgie, Ed, and Sierra) enjoys Sir Catwood’s presence. Cantankerous doesn’t even mind (which says something!) Sir Catwood. Stinky enjoys discussions with the Sir even more than Cranky.

Now, I shall move back to Wia. Just to show you what I have to deal with, I’ll record this conversation.

(I was brushing Candor)

“Oh ho, Scarlett!?!”

“*sigh* Yes?”

“Where are you?”

“In Candor’s stall, Wia!”

“Goodness child! You aren’t brushing that cow right!”

“Uh, Wia, it isn’t a…”

“Give me that! You brush old Bessy like this….”  Wia said, brushing Candor (!!!!) wrong.


“Goodness, what do they teach kids these days? You really should talk to old folks, Scarlett.”

Let’s just say it didn’t end well. I have to hide you diary, for fear Wia will find and read you.

Bon jour!

V. Scarlett King

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