Unique Way to Describe…Amie? (TAG!!!)

Buttercup from Typically Untypical Teen created this amazing and pretty crazy tag.  I enjoy reading it, so you better as well.

I was so surprised and honored when I read Kendra’s post and saw she had tagged me! Hurray!  You get a free cyberspace cup of tea, Kendra!

Thank you, Kendra!!!!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you (already done that.)
  • Link to the original post (Totally did that!)
  • Answer the questions (Uh, it’s coming.)
  • Tag at least five people  (That’s coming too!)
  • Copy and paste the original questions for your nominees to answer (And I’ll do that.)

Let’s fly into this.  Head gear checked?  Check.  Target found?  Check.  Let’s go get this!


What two candies describe your personality? Why?

Uh, guys, this is a weird question.  How is candy supposed to show your personality?  Probably Crybabies, because I’m sour and sweet at the some time.  (But isn’t everyone?)  Ah!  The other candy?  Oh, just so you know, I like sour but I hate the sweet after taste of Crybabies.  It’s disgusting.

Okay, second candy.  I’m trying to rack my brain to come up with this.  I like licorice but how does that show someones personality?  Oh!  I know!  Bubblegum.  My other candy is bubblegum.  I’m as bubbly and fun to chew (?!?!?) as bubblegum.  Maybe it should be fun to hangout with instead.  Oh!  And, you can’t get rid of me if I stick to the bottom of your shoe 😉 (I’m laughing at my own analogies!  What craziness!)

You can only answer in song lyrics. What’s one thing you want others to know about you?

“But it ain’t country’s heart and soul.  Because the kind that I know is dirt roads and front porch swings.  It’s that pride that Old Glory brings.  The kinda place a man’s word still means everything.  It’s life at a slow pace, leaning on Amazing Grace.  Some folks might choose to disagree, but that’s what country means to me.”

(“What Country mean to Me” by Lawson Bates)

What movie that is literally your life?

My life?  What? How can a movie be your life?  Do you mean a movie you’d love to meet the actors of?  I mean, to me, actors are the best part of movies (proof I do not like cartoons.)

Um, probably the Narnia movies.  I’d love to meet the actors in real life but it’s not like I’d die for it or anything.  Hmm, strange question.

What season describes your view of life?

Spring or Summer.  They’re both so warm, full of life, cloudless, and wonderful.  But I prefer cold weather, just cuz I like being cozy.

What scent holds memories for you?

Scent?  Wow, this is hard.  Why did they chose such HARD questions?  Um, the smell of hay?  No!  The smell of fresh-cut hay on a warm August day.  You can’t get better than that.  Well, maybe the smell of coffee, and horses, and cows comes really close.


Wow!  That was kinda fun but it made me really have to think.  I’m excited to nominate people.  Are you ready?  Are you a bit nervous?  It might be you!





Mandalynn@Books, Baking, and Writing

Pegasus Expert@Sunshine Stables

Maddy@Maddy’s Digital Diary

Madi@Delightful World Of Dolls (I wish I could nominate Delaney Danger to do this, Madi!)


EnniMorgan@ Hooves and Pens!

Congrats all who got nominated!  I’m so happy for you.  Well, I kinda nominated you…… but I did have a few others I want to nominate, so I just put all your names in a hat and pulled them out.  Maybe next time, right?

IMG_6187I wanted to do a photography post today, but it just so happened I was tagged for this.  (Thank you again, Kendra!!!!)  Next Thursday, Oh, that’s Thanksgiving!  Hehe….Um, soon I’ll do a photography post, don’t worry.  I have been taking pictures.

IMG_6187Now, for all you who were nominated, here are the questions to copy.

What two candies describe your personality? Why?

You can only answer in song lyrics. What’s one thing you want others to know about you?

What movie that is literally your life?

What season describes your view of life?

What scent holds memories for you?

And that’s all folks!  Wow, this looks so small next to those huge words!  Hello, big words up there!

Uh oh!  They don’t think they’re big!  Uh, I better hurry and close before they get up set.  Oh, and all nominees, copy that photo up at the top.  It officially goes with the tag.


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