Thanksgiving and Decorating???

Hey!  So, it was Thanksgiving and you’re wondering what I did, right?  We don’t have any family nearby that we celebrate with, so we drove to Alabama to spend the day with some of our really good friends.

The day started with cinnamon rolls.  How can a day not be good when you start with cinnamon rolls?

Isn’t your mouth-watering?

After cinnamon rolls, we packed the car and hit the road.  After two-hour and forty-five minutes, (or more!) we arrived at our friends.

I am not one of those people who likes food.  When it comes to Thanksgiving, I don’t understand why everyone eats all that food.  I’m happy with the potatoes, since I don’t like turkey and all the other stuff.  This year I did eat turkey, potatoes, and fluffy salad stuff, but I was too busy to be hungry.

I spent the day eating, talking, and doing a photo shot with Pee-wee, my tiny little video camera.  We forgot Pixie at the house, so why not use Pee-wee?  I found out why you should NOT take pictures with your video camera, even if it allows you to.  All the photos mysteriously disappear the next day.  😐

Then we sang and read stories.  To top it off, we decorated GINGERBREAD HOUSES!!  Okay, well, they were graham cracker houses, but it’s practically the some thing.  I had fun because they had those cans of frosting that comes out when you press the nozzle.  I think I went a bit over board with frosting.


Okay, maybe WAY over board with the frosting.  I just loved pressing the nozzle.  I also insisted we have a peppermint roof.  What’s better than peppermints?

The basics, a peppermint roof.

Then after the long drive home, I enjoyed a bowl of popcorn before bed.  Okay, this is mostly about food because my first plan was to post all the amazing pictures we took on Pee-wee.  Well, that hasn’t worked out.IMG_6186

After that sobering thought, today we decorated!  Our tree this year has all the ornaments my aunt has given my siblings and I over the years.  We always get an ornament every year from my aunt for Christmas.

She always gets the funniest little ornaments.  Well, almost always.


In case you’re wondering, my aunt likes cats.
Moose!  I love moose! or Meese XD
My crazy gingerbread girl.
Of course, we need the best letter in the alphabet 😉


Now that you have seen a few examples of ornaments on our tree, you need an overall look.


Well, that was before it was decorated.  I was playing with the lights.  Isn’t it cool?  It always looks awful if you take a picture of the tree after you decorate.  At least, that’s my opinion.

Have you decorated yet?  Which ornament is your favorite?  What is your favorite part of decorating?



14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Decorating???

  1. Amanda Davis says:

    Cute pictures! For some reason we never really decorate till early to mid December….and then we don’t take it down till mid January😊. Your decorations are so cute! Ours are for some reason all fishing related(my dad really likes to fish).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Olivia Bell (aka Livy) says:

    It looks like you had so much fun! 😀 I love your tree, my Grandma sends us each an ornament each Christmas too! I love moose too, we see rather frequently where we live. 😀 We decorated recently too, it looks beautiful! I agree, unless the tree is like a ‘model tree’ they look messy in overall pictures.. I wish they didn’t! 😐 Your pictures were great! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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