Crazily Acquainted w/Liz!

Welcome back to another Crazily Acquainted!  Today I have an amazing guest who has an amazing lifestyle blog.  Our guest is from California and enjoys many things, especially photography.

Please help me welcome….


As you know, my questions/thoughts are in bold and Liz’s are nice, plain, and simple…at least I think they are! xD  Here we go!

Why did you decide to have a blog?

I was actually reading a book and one of the main characters Megan started a blog.  I started thinking, “That’s sounds really fun, I want to try that!” So, I did.


Why did you chose the name? 

Well, I had just recently gotten really into photography and I had taken some pictures of hummingbirds at my Grandma’s house.  I was really excited that they turned out good, so I decided that I would name my blog after them 🙂
Great reason.  I wish my name had a reason that cool!
What do you write about/plan to write about?
Mainly my life, what I’ve been doing lately and photography….. Actually I am planning on doing a post featuring my Aunt’s rabbit Oreo. My family has been pet-sitting him for the past couple months.
I love bunnies!  I’ll have to go check it out.  Bunnies are SO cute!
Do you prefer writing seriously or crazily?
It depends on my mood.  I guess crazy but so far I’ve done more serious than crazy
What was the hardest part about starting your blog?
Getting inspired to write posts was hard for me at first. I didn’t really know what to say or how to say it.  Once I started following other people and reading their posts it really helped me conquer Writer’s Block. Now, I really love and enjoy writing on my blog!
Yes!  Other folk’s blogs help a lot. (Hint if you’re a newer blogger.  Go follow other people’s blogs!)

Is Liz your real name or a pseudonym?
Liz is a nickname that I prefer to go by. My full name is Elizabeth.
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Probably Neapolitan, I always say that’s my favorite but to be honest I love them all. 😉That must include coffee! 😉
Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
I don’t follow a ton of blogs, but my top five favorites are Maddy from Maddy’s Digital Diary, Megan from A Barefoot Gal, Clara from Clara and Co, Amie from Crazy A . (I promise I’m not just saying because you let me do this interview, you really are one of my favorites!), and Allison from A Farm Girl’s Life
Awe!  Again I’m one of the favorites.  Guys, I must be doing something right as a blogger!

Which state out of the — you’ve been to has been your favorite?

I’ve been to 10 (I think!) out of the 50 states. I’m not sure which is my favorite.  Probably California because I’ve seen the most of it and because I live there. 

What kind of camera do you use?

My own personal camera is a Nikon Coolpix S31 but sometimes I use my parents Canon T2i
Great cameras!

How many chickens have you had at one time?
I think maybe 7.
I love chickens!  They’re so cute…sorta.

Do you like having brown hair and brown eyes?
Yeah, I like it. When I was little, maybe four, I must have this them in a movie or something, but I used to wish I could have purple eyes.  Weird, I know. I was a crazy toddler.
Haha!  I used to want grey eyes but brown’s pretty cool.  It’s said that underneath the pigment of brown eyes, you have blue pigment.  So, if you ever want blue eyes and you have brown, burn them!  No, just kidding.  Get color contacts.  It would be less painful.
Thank you so much for doing this, Liz!  I had lots of fun reading your answers.  Stay tuned for the rest of “A Merrily Medieval Christmas”!
If you would like to be interviewed for Crazily Acquainted, just comment down below or conatact me.

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