A Merrily Medieval Christmas (P. 3)

(Psst, yes!  I’m posting it now…)


 “I will be…

Your driver,” a boy said with a sort of bow.  It was really odd.  Would someone actually bow to me? I decided to do what I had always read in books.

I nodded stiffly and sat down in the sleigh.  I wasn’t uncomfortable but I was cold.  The guy chirruped to the horse and we went down the cobblestone drive.  It was a bumpy ride but not bad.

It was sooo windy!  Check out the dude’s hair!

I was shocked to see rows of people waving and cheering.  Was Jane used to this?  It wasn’t normal!  Nobody should be cheered for like this!  It was like the circus was coming to town!

I waved slowly.


I supposed you were supposed to wave back.  It would be a bit rude not to.  I screwed my eyebrows together, trying to get the point of this Christmas parade.  Nothing worth noticing was Christmasy about it!  If this was the reason of Christmas, it was a sorry one.

I fidgeted in my seat and turned around.  I was amazed to see armor clad men marching behind.  They each had a bit of green on their armor as if it were a decoration.  I turned around and sank back into my seat.  I supposed it would be best to just endure this ride.

Guys!  You can see the cheering people! :0

“Why are you stopping?” I asked, as the whole parade slowed down.  The boy gave me a look.

“It’s the Duke’s speech.”

“The Duke’s?” I stopped.  This couldn’t be happening.  The boy got out and extended his hand.


“The Duke’s family is requested to be near during the speech.”

I couldn’t believe it!  Out of all the things that could have gone wrong!  Of course Jane’s parents would notice I was not their daughter.


“Are you coming, m’lady?” the boy asked impatiently.

“Uh, yes,” I grabbed his hand and stepped out of the sleigh.


I watched with interest as a powerful man got out of the carriage in front of us.  He must be the duke.

I’m laughing so hard!!  He looks like superman!!


How did you like it?  What do you think is going to happen?  Can you believe it’s only 9 days until Christmas?


18 thoughts on “A Merrily Medieval Christmas (P. 3)

      1. Melody Davis says:

        Thats funny that you used a baby doll from when you where 2 for the Duke! XD Thats why he was so short and hunched over! ;D Yes, he would most likely realize if she was not his own daughter…i would hope…unless she looks exactly like Jane…I mean, the maids didn’t realize it, and they probably see Jane every day…right? DUM DUM DUUUUM! ;D xD =D

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Amie says:

        Yep, it was the only thing I had at the moment. I thought about using an AG doll, but at the moment I went for the shortest work rout.
        Who knows! But your hypothesis is pretty good.


  1. Lydia says:

    If the maids didn’t notice that her hair was way too short, chances are the Duke won’t either… I mean, it’s like in a dream, people just magically don’t observe things like that. Of course, if the Duke did recognize that she’s not his daughter, would you have her just confess that she somehow traded places, or would she get caught up in some evil plot? Oh, wait, you can’t tell me that yet, can you?

    Liked by 1 person

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