Crazily Acquainted w/ Arachnid Weaver

Welcome back to another Crazily Acquainted!  Today we have Arachnid Weaver as our guest.  Arachnid’s blog is a hilarious blog that addresses different topics at random (or so it seems).  Let’s get on with the interview!


Why did you decide to have a blog?

I started my first blog because I was told to. I started my second blog, which was a book blog and has since disappeared, because I passionately hated a particular book and I had to do something about it. The current blog was started to promote our book, Slugventures: The Adventures of a Slug.


Why did you choose the name?

The WebWeavers was decided upon because it sticks with our whole spider theme.


What do you write about/plan to write about?

We write about a whole manner of things and the topics are completely random, therefore nothing is really planned. Our blog is mainly a comedy blog, although that was not the initial intention. We have received comments along the lines of the following:

“Love your humor.”


“You must be a comedian’s dream.”

“Will you marry me?”

Well, I must say the last one is a bit different, but the first three are true!


Do you prefer writing seriously or crazily?

Seriously. Totally. Very, very serious. This isn’t sarcastic at all.

(P.S. If you missed this, which I doubt you did as I was being very obvious, the previous section was very, very sarcastic.)


What was the hardest part about starting your blog?

Figuring out how to work a blog.

That covered it all. 😉

Is Arachnid your real name or a pseudonym?

Arachnid Weaver is definitely my real name and not a pseudonym. I have no idea why people don’t believe me. I insist it’s true.


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate truffles and chocolate syrup with an extra dash of chocolate. I also like whipped cream (which is basically warm ice cream).

No coffee again!! 


Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

MainePaperPusher, authorsinspirations, and It’s Just a Restless Feeling.


Which state out of the ___ you’ve been to has been your favorite?

My favorite state is plasma, but I’m partial to liquids as well. Can’t say I’ve been to either. Solid is sort of boring, though.

I think I’m dying with laughter.  Guys, this is the best!! (In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t specify that it had to be a State in the USA.)


Do you two share a blog?

Technically, yes. But that’s not the verb I would’ve chosen.

For example, if Little Freddy’s mother forced him to share his toy fire truck with Tommy, it’s still Freddy’s toy and he doesn’t want to have Tommy play with it.

With our blog, it’s more like coexisting on the same plane. It’s like a symbiotic relationship with the blog.


What is your favorite part of blogging?



What is life like living around unicorns?

Well, I don’t actually live around unicorns. If one were to go to Unicornia, one would never return to Earth, nor would they ever want to. But Unicornia is lacking in certain amenities that Earth possesses, including The Internet, and without The Internet, I would not be doing this interrogation. I do go over the details of living around unicorns on

Hmm, I feel bad for interrogating you.  But it was such fun!


Are octopi cuddly?

This is something you’d have to ask Spinette. I refrain from touching them.

Ah!  I wanted to know!


So guys, what did you think of Arachnid?  I know I enjoyed ‘interrogating’.  If you are interesting in being hosted at Crazy A’s Crazily Acquainted, comment down below!  I’d love to have you.

Signing off,


16 thoughts on “Crazily Acquainted w/ Arachnid Weaver

  1. Sam B says:

    Nice to meet you, Anarchid! I am definitely checking out your unicorn blog, it sounds great! One should definitely refrain from hugging octopi; they aren’t as cuddly as they look. (The suction cup thingys are hard to pry off yourself. They’re very affectionate, in their way. Plus, the whole cold-blooded thing makes them a little creepy.)

    Liked by 2 people

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