Polls and Contests…

Welcome back again!  Today I have two things to blog about.  Dun dun!  Two things!  I know, it’s interesting.  Anyway, first of all, you must stop.


And vote for the Amie 2017 Quote of the Year.  I always thought this is cool for bloggers to do, so I’m doing it!  Here is the poll!

So, you’ve voted, right?  Good, because I’m watching.  *grabs binoculars*  Ahem, anyway, the second thing is…


I happen to be the person that enjoys any kind of writing, photography, or art contest.  If you know of any, would you please add the link in the comments?  I like the free ones best, just so you know but I would like to know ANY kind of contest.

I’m just real competitive. (You better watch out!) >:)

And, since I’m a bit busy at the present, that is it.  Coming up I have some interesting things, so just vote, comment down below, and stay put!



14 thoughts on “Polls and Contests…

  1. Amanda Davis says:

    Hey, could we still add a quote? In case we can, I have some:
    “You HAVE to be sensical to live. Wait, is sensical even a word?”
    “Ok, maybe I could live without critics, but then I wouldn’t know whether my books were good or bad. I have to know whether my books are good or bad.”
    “I haven’t quite yet found a way into Narnia or Middle Earth, but there’s still time!”

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