Crazily Acquainted w/ Rachel!

Hey, whats up y’all?  I’m in the middle of an awesomely amazing book, so be glad I stopped long enough to do this.

Today we have Rachel!  Check her out!

Why did you decide to have a blog?
Haha, I did not decide. I was forced. Well, not exactly…okay this is what happened: I was doing my online schooling. I was young, the day was young. I read the assignment for tech class: create blog on WordPress. Ten minutes later I have an email, blog, and a mission.
I’m glad I’m homeschooled! 🤨

Why did you chose the name?

Well I really like hotdogs, which is where Nancy came from. Nah, I am actually just really into the Nancy Drew series. I decided that my blog would be bookish, so Nancy Drew was the perfect name!

What do you write about/plan to write about?

Eeeek, yipers, uh-oh. 😲 I mostly write about whatever crosses my mind, which can be things from my favorite animal to feminism. It varies just slightly.
Sounds like me 😂

Do you prefer serious or crazy writing?
Muhaha, serious, actually. I know this may be unexpected, but I really like reading thought out posts instead of those “hey guuuurll sup i just met Bieber irl like yaaaaghgsjsj” . At least reading posts like that don’t appeal to me.

I totally understand…though I think I meant more of funny then crazy…
What is/was the hardest part of your blog?
Definitely finding something to share. I stink at art, and I’m not a CRAZY bookaholic. I feel like a lot of people like my writing (right? Right?? 😲) so those are the things I try to post mainly. I actually have a really good story idea right now!

Is Rachel your real name or a pseudonym?  (I’m guessing it’s real)

Yah, it’s real. My full name is Rachel Adelle Vincent Chocolate Lover Extrordinaire. Well, maybe not the chocolate part XD!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

My favorites include: Mosse Tracks, Reese’s Pieces, Vanilla, Cheesecake, Graham Central Station, Rasberry, Orange Creamsicle, Pistachio, and Chocolate Espresso to name just a few.
You must have it easy at the ice-cream store!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

Heyyy, I can’t answer that!! What if all my bloggy friends read this and see they aren’t on here! You should seriously reconsider this question!!

Which state(s) out of the — that you have been to have been your favorite?

I loved Arachnid Weaver’s answer, about liquids and gases!! But if I’m being serious (take a moment to realize how rare this is) I would have to see say New York! I was born there and all ya know.

Why the interest in Nancy Drew?

I don’t know. There’s something so… dependable…about these books. I always know that Nancy is smart enough to get out, but I still get that rush of adrenaline.

How old were you when you first read them (Nancy Drew books)?

Let’s see, I was given the first book in fourth grade, so around eleven.

What is one quality that really strikes you about Nancy Drew?

I love how polite she is! I know that sounds boring, but she is! She never snoops to far and is so kind to everyone!
Totally agree!  Politeness is an important quality!

Are the Chronicles of Narnia one of your favorite series?

Uuuuhhh, duuuuh!! I did a post way back near the beginning of Nancy Drew about it. Definitely don’t go into the “about my favorites” category on my blog *cringes*. Ever.

And finally, for random sake, What is an absolute necessity when it comes to unheedful fashion accessories? (a.k.a. belts, purses, hats…)
If I understand this correctly, I would definitely say my Magnolia Farms hat is a necessity for all hat lovers. I featured it in my Christmas Haul post a few days ago. It’s so soft and can be paired with anything!!

You understand it right! 
All right, folks!  If you’re interested in being interviewed on Crazily Acquainted, comment down below!
Auf Wiedersehen!

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