The New Blogger Tag

Hello and welcome back to my blog.  I was glad/surprise when I saw that Liz had nominated me for a tag she made up herself.  I feel so privileged!  Thank you so much, Liz!

Okay, like usual, we have the rules…


  1.  Supply a link to the blog of the person who nominated you (Did that!)
  2. Make sure to display the picture that says “The New Blogger Tag/Award,” and copy the rules into your post (Noooo!  I totally didn’t do that.)
  3. You must tell why you decided to start a blog (Okay, I’ll do that.)
  4. Make up 5 questions for your nominees to answer (Oh no!)
  5. Answer the 5 questions that the person who nominated you gave you (That’s easy!)
  6. All nominees blog’s must be 1 year or younger (sorry people whose blogs are older than one year) This is gonna be hard
  7. Last but not least nominate 4 blogs (again all one year or under) and contact them of their nomination (All right…)

Why did I start my blog?

Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve ever answered this question.  Why did I start it?  Well, I blogged at my family’s blog with my mom and other sister.  When I wanted to add my craziness and writing, my mom said no.  Therefore, I thought of different ways to convince my parents I needed my own blog.

I was shocked when all I had to do was ask.  No begging.  No getting on my knees.  I immediately was like, “Hey, this was easier than I thought!”  Crazy A was born later that night.  Or maybe it was the next day?  I had everything planned before I asked. (Can I be congratulated on efficiency?)

Questions for my victims nominees.

  1. How do you eat a grapefruit?
  2. What is one song you just cannot stand?
  3. If you were lost in a blizzard, what would you do?
  4. What do you think of vultures?
  5. If you had a choice of potato chips and corn chips, which would you chose?

Answers of questions…

  1. When’s your Birthday?

That’s classified information.  (hint: You’ll now when it comes around.)

2. Favorite type of candy?

Hmm, not sure.  Perhaps Twizzlers, or maybe Reese’s.  I don’t know.  I really don’t like sugar.

3. Do you have any pets?

Yes!  A bunny!  You didn’t know?  Okay, here’s a picture of him ❤


4. What are your hobbies?

Hobbies?  Sitting around, doing nothing…At least it looks like nothing.  Really I have fifty different ideas taking shape in the form of a book, that adds to exercising my fingers on a keyboard.  To be serious, anything you can think of is my hobby.  Well, with the exception of sports.

5. Do you enjoy blogging?

No….Of course not.  (Hint: There was very strong sarcasm in the last sentence.)




Ella Marie


Now for random life…

Yeah!  Finally!  I’ve done what need to be done so I can FINALLY announce something not very important.  My friend and I have been trying to figure out what personality type I am.  (Yes, I am a flip-flopping person that almost always stays extroverted :). We have finally decided I am…….


Yes, that means I try every kind of authority, I play with thousands of ideas, I hate not having my writing up to my standards.  It took me forever to figure out I was an ENFP, but as I did more research I found it was true.

Take, for instance, ENFPs often stress over deadlines, because they want their projects “perfect”.  While I don’t stress to an extreme, I do like my projects to be “perfect”.  One way stress shows itself in ENFPs, is that they don’t pay attention to when they are hungry, thirsty, tired…ect.

My probably worst virtue is that I don’t eat.  I just don’t want to if I’m in the middle of a project, book, or movie.  Then….I become a beast that you would all hate to meet.  So, some people say eating too much stands in the way of getting things done.  For me, it is quite the opposite.  I don’t eat, so then I can’t do anything.  Thankfully, I have learned to force myself to eat at certain times.  I know I must eat at three, because I’ll be on the verge of my beast-hood at six if I don’t.

I also learned (well, I knew it because that is ME) that ENFPs are bubbly and energetic, but they have a soberness inside of them that begs to be let out.  They also are good at engaging in small talk, though they become bored with it pretty fast.  (You should see me after talking to some people! 😂). That leads to them becoming reserved and they can be labeled “Introverts” by the people around them.  In order to release their thoughts and emotions, they can turn to writing or reading.

Unlike many Extroverts, ENFPs don’t need people.  They can very easily do stuff alone.  They also enjoy making people laugh (that doesn’t sound like me!) but aren’t afraid to stand for what they believe in.

And, to give you a last bit before you throw the computer down, ENFPs are found involved in music, reading, writing, enjoying music, and enjoying art.  I happen to do all of that.  (Ask my friends how much I gush about music!)

Okay, I know you’re tired of me.  I’m sorry, I got a bit carried away!




18 thoughts on “The New Blogger Tag

    1. Amie says:

      That’s so cool! I need to do more research *puts on nerdy glasses* Okay…Hmm, interesting. Anyway, back to your comment. That’s cool that you changed! We weren’t sure if I was an ESFJ or an ENFP but it soon became clear! That’s cool that your brother is an ENFP. You sure do love your brothers, don’t you?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth says:

    Just so you know, Amel, Pinterest will not let me do ANYTHING today!!! I can’t go to my account, I can’t pin anything–I can’t message you!!! So sorry about that…. :/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melody Davis says:

    I’m an ENFP-T also! I just took an 100 question test for it! I was surprised me and Amanda (my sister but you probably guessed as much 🙂 had the same personality!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sam B says:

    My Mom and I have the same type, ESFJ, and we are best friends! I guess it really just depends on the type, though…I could see some types getting on each other’s nerves!

    Liked by 2 people

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