News Break

Today I’m here with myself, who happens to be Amie.  We decided to have this news break in order to surprise all our faithful followers with something they won’t be surprised about.  Are you ready?

I’m writing another book!

Photo on 1-30-18 at 11.52 AM

Oh yeah!  It’s currently under construction.  Are you ready to learn about it?  Of course you are!  So, the title is not available yet, and I’m not sure you want to hear about it anyway.

I really shouldn’t be writing another story, at least not this one.  Why?  Because I have two sequels begging to be written!  But, I had this one all planned out while the sequels looked like this…

They get back.  Find king???  Missing Queen.  Prince??? IDK, perhaps he’s dead?  And what about Gil??? They have to meet him….Duh!  The fight with dragon….What??? 


Tour Germany???  Okay, and maybe they should meet college student? What should she be named???  Okay, obviously — knows German.  Wait, does that mean I have to study German???  Okay, and parent’s get kidnapped.  Poor kids.  What about —?  He should get kidnapped too.  Um, what about —?  IDK, perhaps they die!!

So, you see why I started this book.  Here’s the planning for it.

Character’s names and ages.

Character’s pets.

Chap. one.  Have a funny introduction (spoiler alert!). Meet up with Dad’s old friend and learn about the characters.

Voila!  I will be announcing more as I go into it…but can you believe it?  I already have 4, 692 words done.  Boom.  That’s just amazing.

On to the next thing.  All you amazing fans that really enjoyed Snow Nightmare definitely have to check out this post here.  Don’t worry, this post won’t bite.

And lastly, check out this amazing interview of me!  Thank you so much, Buttercup, for posting it!


8 thoughts on “News Break

  1. Mandalynn says:

    Oh my, I’m so surprised that you’re writing another book! XD Well, actually I’m not, because I think that is the book you were just telling me about a couple days ago.

    Cool interview. You’ve never ridden a cow before? I have. it was so fun!!! We put a halter on him and then climbed up, but it was kind of hard to stay on, plus he didn’t really want to walk.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Olivia Bell says:

    EEK! How exciting! And you won first place with Snow Nightmare??? Yayay! I”m so happy for you! So, you get to write another story? Is that it? Congratulations!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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