Love/hate Relationship

I love writing.  Well, maybe love isn’t the write word.  I adore it.  If there was something I could do as a side job, it would be writing.  Why?  Well, there is something I like better.  (Hint: it falls under entertainment.)

But, I hate writing.

You just fell out of your seat; because if you’ve been following this blog, you know how much of my time is taken up in writing.  I will repeat myself.  I hate writing.

Why?  Because of this one part that is a must if you write.  It makes my heart bleed, and my mind tie itself into knots.  What is it?


I hate it.  My whole mind and body revolts in it.  Well, there is one part of editing I do like.  I enjoy reading my writing over again.  To be honest, I either laugh at it, or fall on the floor and grovel.  HOW COULD I HAVE SENT THIS TO A FRIEND? (Yes, if you are that friend reading this, I’m so sorry!  {I know you follow this blog})

I hate chopping off this.  I hate realizing I didn’t put a comma here, and I should have used a semicolon there.  And, when others read it, I should have described it a bit different.  It makes my brain hurt just thinking of it!

But, I’m here to give you some pointers on your writing/editing journey.  I don’t want you to give up because you didn’t have a plan.  Draw up your blue print, and hear about mine.  Ready for the journey?

I’m in despair! 

#1. Wait.

Wow!  So origanal.  But it’s necessary.  You just wrote a wonderful novel full of jokes, laughter, and fun.  Wait three months before you edit it.  Then, the mistakes stand out a lot more.  And, the story seems brand new!

Really, to be honest, when I’ve waited I find the story more interesting.  I’m like, “Dude, I wrote this?  Can I have a fist-bump please?”

And, when I plung right in, I’m like, “Ugh!  I’m tired of this story…”

Regardless, really think about this point.  There is a reason it’s number one.

#2. Chose a special pen.

How dull is it to use a dull pen to edit with?  You need something special.  Something just as special as the your story!  I like to use pink.  Why?  Because I absolutely hate pink.  Also, it makes me feel maliciously evil. >:)

Why doesn’t everyone use fancy pens?  That’s what I would like to know.  They put you in such a better mood.  Match your mood with your pen!  Feeling a bit calm? chose blue.  Feeling a bit chipper?  Chose yellow!


#3. Take it one step at a time.

Don’t rush it.  I often am so busy, I rush my editing.  I do ten chapters in a day.  The only problem with that method is…I don’t want to do another chapter for another week.  Yep, I get lazy.

So, take one chapter at a time.  And don’t beat yourself if you miss a day.  I often find myself chewing myself out over a missed day.  Life is too short to worry about that…and, I’m sure God will forgive you for wasting a day.  But still, that isn’t an excuse.  We only have so long to live.  Make the most of it.


#4.  Have fun with it.

Finished editing?  Great!  Rip up all those nasty pages and throw them in the air!  Party!  Your book is well on it’s way to the press!  If you don’t feel like ripping them, ball them up and have a surprise attack on your brother.  Or, scribble all over them.

Did you enjoy the tips?  Let me know!


32 thoughts on “Love/hate Relationship

  1. Kaylyn Grace says:

    I totally feel you, girl. I HATE editing!!! I am doing a research paper, and I have to edit and edit and edit and edit over and over and over again. AHHH it is so annoying! I get so frustrated that I won’t write for months. XD Sometimes I just don’t even edit. XD Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mandalynn says:

    Great post, Amie! Those were some good tips, especially the one about waiting.It really helps because when I read my story over so many times it becomes quite boring, but if I wait a few months it seems more interesting again.
    And yes, colored pens make it a lot more fun, unfortunately I don’t have any of my own. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sam says:

    I would be in my room trying desperately to find my copies of my current story then Jasmine (my twin) and my little 6 year old sis, Kenzier would run into my room and shout ‘AMBUSH’ then would throw all my copies at me once of course, they are in CRUMPLED BALLS at me! I’m not joking, this has SERIOUSLY happening more than 10 TIMES!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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