My Shot Rabbit

Caution:  Cuteness alert.  You might leaves this post wanting a rabbit.

Interesting title, huh?  Well, don’t worry; Snowball is totally fine.  In fact, he got to go outside!  It got up to the fifties this week, so outside he went.

Here is the photo shoot!

Hello?  What’s that clicking sound?

So, I have an old dog leash that’s made out of chain?  Anyway, I had him on that.  I didn’t want my baby to run away!


AHHH!!  His ears!  I love them!  I’m dying!  Isn’t he SO CUTE???


He stands like this all the time.  When he runs around our living room, he’ll stop and stand like this to see if someone’s on the couch.


HIS EARS!!!!!!!


Awe!  Those whiskers shine!


“What are you doing?  Ahem, I said, What are you doing????”


This is my FAVORITE!  He looks like he’s smiling! Awe!


Haha!  Look at the kale he hasn’t eaten!


Oh, he found the kale.  “Human, don’t get any closer or I shall attack.”

Sorry, ninja rabbit.

Isn’t Snowball the cutest?

Before I close, the next part of LLIL is up!  Thank you so much, Livy!  It’s wonderful ❤ Check it out here.


12 thoughts on “My Shot Rabbit

  1. Mandalynn says:

    When I first saw the title, for a split second, I thought “what?? Amie’s rabbit is dead!?” But then I figured it meant a photo shoot.
    We need to come to your house so we can see him! What is that brown thing he is in?

    Yay! My turn to write! I better get busy!

    Liked by 2 people

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