Crazily Acquainted w/Miranda!


And welcome to Crazily Acquainted with Miranda!  She has just recently started her blog and y’all should really check it out.  Even I who does not like baking feel inspired when I read her blog.

Here we go!  You know the basics…Mine in bold and Miranda’s in plain.

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Why did you decide to have a blog?
I like to bake, so I decided to share my favorite healthy recipes on a blog.

Why did you choose the name?
Because my mother calls my sister and I, “healthy junk food junkies,” so I decided to name my blog that.

What do you write about/plan to write about?
My favorite recipes.

Do you prefer serious or crazy writing?
I prefer serious writing. I’m a laconic writer, as you can tell from my answers. (My sister told me to put that last part)

What is/was the hardest part of your blog?
Posting! Yeah, I really need to post again soon.
Is Miranda your real name or a pseudonym?
It is my real name.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chocolate with chocolate candy mixed in; like Butterfingers, Andes Candies, etc.
Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
I like a family blog called Wheels on the Bus and also my older sister Mandalynn’s blog.
Which state(s) out of the — that you have been to have been your favorite?
I have been to 46 states and my favorites are probably Kentucky and California.

Why did you choose food?
Because that’s what I like to do, besides making crafts and writing my pen pals.
What is your biggest annoyance while in the kitchen?
I don’t know.
Any tips for first time bakers?
When you make something the first time make sure to follow the recipe, but the second time put your own creative taste into it.
What is your favorite dessert?

Ice-cream and pie.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Thanks so much, Miranda, for joining me today!  Y’all better go check out her blog.  (And make some of the food.  The food looks SOOOOOOOO good!)


P.S. Check out Mandalynn’s part of Lovely Links in Literature right here.

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