A Misson with Friends

Agents Jaclynn, Mandalynn, Miranda, and Amie sat in the meeting room, staring at each other with concentrated eyes.

“Thankfully, we have guns,” Amie broke the silence, pulling out her gun from her belt.

“But unthankfully,” Mandalynn reminded slowly, “They don’t work.”

“Oh, yeah,” Amie threw the gun across the room.

“Thankfully,” Jaclynn smiled, reaching towards her belt.  “We have knives!” She flourished a knife that sparkled in the low lighting.

“But unthankfully,” Miranda spoke up.  “We don’t know how to use them.”

“But thankfully!” Amie pushed back her chair and opened a door.  “We have a trainer!”  Jaclynn and Miranda turned to look at the silhouette, but Mandalynn snorted.

“Unthankfully, he’s trash.”

“Mandalynn!” Amie gasped.  “It is Sir Andrew himself!  He’s your brother!”

“Oh, well, you didn’t say so!” Mandalynn defended.  “He’s not trash.”

“Exactly.  Sir Andrew would be my top pick for a trainer.”

“Mine as well,” Jaclynn nodded.

“Where were we?” Amie asked, as she sat down.  Sir Andrew walked towards the computer in the room.

“Oh, the mission!” Jaclynn nodded.  “We are up against Joshua Blue and Ruthie Red.”

“Not those two!” Miranda gasped.

“Yes,” Jaclynn nodded solemnly.  “Not thankfully it is them.”

“Thankfully,” Mandalynn got up.  “We have a helicopter!”

“Not thankfully,” Amie reminded.  “We can’t fly a helicopter.”

“But thankfully!” Miranda butted in.  “Sir Andrew can!” The sound of trumpets sounded as Sir Andrew suddenly found a cape.  They all jumped into the helicopter and started flying.

Unthankfully, as the hovered over the earth, Miranda fell out.  Thankfully, Amie was a cowgirl, and used her lasso to good use.  Unthankfully, one of the engines on the helicopter blew out, and they had to land.

Thankfully, they had a smooth landing.  Unthankfully, they were in the dessert.

“What do we do?” Amie moaned.

“I don’t know!” Mandalynn shrugged.  “You’re the cowgirl!”

“Oh, bother!  Don’t throw that up at me again!  I only was in a rodeo once!” Amie growled.

“Guys,” Miranda said, walking ahead of them.  “If we’re going to get through this, we can’t fiiiiiiiight!” Miranda unthankfully, disappeared down into the earth.  She had fallen into a pit!  Thankfully it wasn’t deep.

“Are you all right?” Jaclynn cried.

“G…g….guys?!?!” Miranda said, fear in her voice.  “I know this isn’t the right time, but unthankfully there are rattlers down here!”

“Oh no!” Mandalynn gasped.

“But thankfully,” Amie reminded.  “You have a knife.”

“But unthankfully, I lost it!” Miranda cried.

“But thankfully you’re wearing good boots.”

“But unthankfully, the snake just bit my arm!”

“We need to get her to the hospital immediately!” Jaclynn exclaimed.  Just then, thankfully, they heard the sound of a helicopter.

“Need a ride?” Sir Andrew asked.  He had thankfully fixed the helicopter.  Unthankfully, they had no way to get up.  Thankfully, Amie was still a cowgirl, and she still had her lasso.  First she lassoed Miranda out of the pit, and then she lassoed the helicopter.

Unthankfully, the hospital was far away.  Thankfully, the helicopter could go fast.

“Hurry up, Sir Andrew!  Miranda only has a little time left!” Jaclynn cried.

“Don’t leave us, Miranda!” Amie whimpered.  “We need you on our team.”

When they arrived at the hospital, there wasn’t any doctors on duty!  But thankfully, Jaclynn was a doctor.  She rushed Miranda into the operating room, but unthankfully, the machines didn’t work.

“Never fear, for Mandalynn is here!” Mandalynn stepped forward.  “I, thankfully, am a technician!”

“But unthankfully you don’t have any tools!” Jaclynn reminded.

“Thankfully,” Miranda whispered from pale lips.  “I am an electrician, and I got tools when we were in the Electric shop looking for clues.”  Working together, they got all the machines working.  Unthankfully, Joshua Blue showed up!

“Oh no!” Mandalynn gasped.

“Mwahaha!” Joshua Blue laughed.

“Quick!  Remember, we thankfully have forcefields!” Amie reminded.

“But I!” Joshua Blue laughed.  “Have a something that makes your forcefields deactivate.”

“But thankfully, Sir Andrew has shown us how to use the forcefields in a different way!” Jaclynn said.

“But unthankfully,” Mandalynn moaned.  “I don’t remember how.”

“But thankfully!”  Amie jumped up and down.  “We have exploding acorns!  KABOOM!”

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

The girls were snapped out of their imaginary world by Jaclynn, Mandalynn, and Miranda’s older brother informing them to spread out with their signs.

Last weekend, my “cousins” came over.  Now, before I get into what we did, I need to define the word cousin.  We’ve spent a lot of time together, and our families are really close.  One day, we realized we were almost family.  They only have one cousin, and that cousin lives far away.  I have five cousins, but the youngest one is at least ten years older than me.  So?  We adopted each other as cousins.

They arrived Friday evening, and we talked until dinner.  What did we talk about?  You probably don’t want to know.  Everything from our favorite book series to what I would do if I was First Lady.  Yep, it’s a bit crazy.  (All the craziness is blamed on me, of course.  It’s just natural.)

After dinner, we played a very quick game of capture the flag.  It began with Jaclynn yelling, “For God, and for Scotland!” and ended with her saying, “So much for freedom.” 😂  It was an interesting game.

After that, it was time to brush up my acting skills.  We decided (like always!) to make a movie.  This time, Jaclynn had written the script, and she actually has the finished product.  I, however, have all the bloopers.  (Mandalynn is the funnest!  You must check out her blog right here.  One of the bloopers is of her yawning, and another was of her getting leaves stuck in her extremely long hair.  Hehe!)

We practiced that again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again and AGAIN!.  After that, it was time for a quick time of singing.  Her family is very musical, and I love to hear them sing.  Usually I join in, and I sing like a bird. (A very birdie chicken, to be exact.)

Then, it sadly was bedtime.  I was bummed.  What happened to staying up until one in the morning?  Oh, I forgot.  We all had to get up by six.

On Saturday, we went to protest at an abortion clinic together.  That is when we decided to play Thankfully, not Thankfully.  (Everything in the account above might not be right.  I tend to be forgetful, but Mandalynn will comment below and fix it.  Don’t worry.)  It was a great time of singing, standing up for what we believe in, and spending time as friends.

After the abortion clinic, they went shopping, which gave me time to do important stuff.  (Take a shower, do chores, practice music, and write a blog post.)  When they returned, we were ready to get to business.

Jaclynn wanted some nice photographs of her for her blog, here.  So, I went ahead and took some.  She was fun to take pictures of because I didn’t have to come up with poses.  She did all that herself.


These two are my favorite.

Now we were ready for filming.  Actually, we were ready for a snack.

We ate our delicious snack, and then headed down to the filming area to film the real deal.  However, it took a few tries, and firing our screaming choir before we got it down.  Mandalynn was about to quit.  (Or go on strike.  I’m not sure which one.)

We were so happy to actually be done with the movie!  I think I could have danced.  But, it was time for dinner.  I was feeling a bit eh about dinner, since we were eating spaghetti, but we had herb butter and that makes up for the worst of dinners.  (With the exception of fish.  I do not like fish, and it does not like me.)

After dinner, or sometime in there, Jaclynn and I played and sang.  Miranda and Mandalynn utterly refused to do something so boring.  After singing, guess what time it was?

Time to talk about all the horrifying stories we had read about holocaust.  It started with…I don’t remember what.  I know it ended with this story of these people barely making it through.  In fact, the girl would have died if another boy hadn’t pushed her into the dead folk pile?  Yeah, it was a gross, but fascinating conversation.  If you ever have a conversation with me, don’t let it turn to history or science.  I tend to enjoy talking about amputations and cannon balls.  Next it was…

Movie time!  If you’ve never watched Runners from Ravenshead, you MUST!  It was a first time for me, so it was fun to spend that time with them.

Sunday, Easter (or Resurrection Sunday) morning, we saw each other, sang together, and then they left for church, and we did the same.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

And now, for some Snowball!

My white chocolate bunny!


Awe!  I did torture him and put this bow around his neck…But isn’t he SOOOOO cute? 😍


He’s assuring me that he still loves me…Even if I tie bows around his neck. ❤

And, to make your mouth water at yumminess…


Who doesn’t like gluten-free pancakes, with pineapple preserves, whipped cream, and chocolate chips??  This ends the amazing summary of my week.  I hope you enjoyed the craziness.

What do you do with your cousins?  Have you ever heard of exploding acorns?  What defense would you prefer?  Don’t you think the bow on Snowball is cute?


16 thoughts on “A Misson with Friends

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds like F-U-N! And aww!! Mister Snowball is so CUTE with that bow!!! ❤ ❤ Well, I've never personally heard of exploding acorns, but don't they explode in fire? What defense would I prefer?? Um….well, some sort of karate probably! ;D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sam B says:

    I LOVE Runners from Ravenshead! You should really watch their other movie, The Defense of NewHaven. You would love it! It even has BOTH cannon balls and amputations in it. Well, there’s no amputations IN the movie, but there is a character with only one arm. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mandalynn says:

    Ha ha! When you type the story out it sounds crazier than when we made it up! You forgot the exploding golf balls! And I think the order of a couple parts were mixed up, but was fun to read!
    Had so much fun with you!, And yes, you do need to watch #2!

    Liked by 1 person

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