Very Strawberry


Sometimes it’s hard to believe how fast time flies.  I was looking at old posts I’ve done, and realizing how much I’ve grown in blogging.  Some posts feel like I posted them yesterday…But that was in January.  Yikes!  Guys, only twenty-two more days until we’re half way through 2018!  It’s unbelievable.

Anyway, on to my actual blog post.  I was trying to decide what to post, and I decided on a lifestyle post.  I haven’t been cooking up any sermons lately.  I think they only come when I have to write an article for some magazines.  😂  Also, I was thinking about a few other posts, but they needed some pictures and stuff taken, and I’m seriously booked the rest of the week.  No time for pictures, sorry!

You know, I think that’s the longest intro I’ve ever done.  Can we just stop to admire it?  Why are beginnings always so hard?  Anyway, on Monday we went strawberry picking.  I’ve been going strawberry picking every year since I was born.  My mom would haul me and my brother out to the strawberry field and do most of the picking herself.  Thankfully, we’ve gotten old enough to help her.


Doesn’t that red ripe strawberry make you super hungry?  It’s sun-warmed, hand-picked, and absolutely DELISH!  I think I ate more strawberries than I picked.  Hmm?  Without washing them?  Well, I have this philosophy that I was created from dirt, and to dirt I will return, so why not consume a bit of dirt?


Look at the little guy.  Isn’t he cute, all nestled in his home of green leaves?  Well, your comfort has ended.  Now, you, little strawberry, are to fuel my belly!  MWAHAHAHA!  (note: I’m not that violent….)


My mom picked the best ever strawberry, gave it to me, and decided to take a picture of me.  (And yes, it was delicious!). God sure knew what He was doing when he made berries.


Well, maybe not the plants.  You have to reach so low to grab the fruit!  But, hey, I’m not complaining.  That work only makes the berry taste better.  (And you hungrier.)  Work was made with a purpose, and I’m going to do mine with a purpose.


Ah, the bucket of beautiful berries!  I was so ready to eat them by the time I was done picking.  Actually, I never wanted to leave the fields.  All those berries!  Anyway, we still have a few in the refrigerator.  Maybe I should go eat them…

Anyway, against my better judgement, my mom insisted on making a strawberry cobbler.  *sigh*  I guess I’m not the only person that matters in this house.  But!  Last night we had strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream.  Now we’re talking good.

Have you ever been strawberry picking?  What is your favorite fruit?  Do you enjoy warm weather?


29 thoughts on “Very Strawberry

  1. Lizzy says:

    Yes, I’ve been strawberry picking, and I thought it was pretty fun!!! And that bucket full of strawberries up there!! WHY do you tempt us???! XD They look so good!!!My favorite fruit? I have quite a few—fruit is so good!!! Cherries, watermelon, berries! Yes, I love warm weather!!! Summer is the best!!! (:

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  2. Hannah says:

    Yum! My family used to go strawberry picking at a small farm close to us, but unfortunately they stopped growing them. 😦 Looks like you had a lot of fun! I’m starving!

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  3. Carolyn says:

    I know! It’s crazy that we’re almost halfway through the year. Wasn’t it just the beginning of 2018? 😉 Yes, I love going strawberry picking. You made me hungry talking about it! 😂 Loving the warmer weather!

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  4. Grace H. says:

    Oh yes, strawberries!!! We go strawberry picking several times every year and put (sometimes hundreds) of pounds of strawberries in our freezer! (We do blueberry and raspberry picking too.) And, in my opinion, strawberries taste better with a little bit of dirt anywho. Just sayin’.
    How long have you been blogging? I haven’t grown that much in blogging yet, but I have a little. And I haven’t been at it for too long… I’m actually just now getting ready to celebrate my 1-year-blogaversary!
    Beautiful intro, by the way! I’m really bad with intros… It’s just ‘hi everyone’ and then jump into the thick of it. Hopefully I’ll get better at intros over time… 😉

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    1. Amie says:

      I’ve been blogging for…Nine months? Maybe ten? Um…I’m not going to do the math right now. Anyway, I’m glad you liked the intro. I felt rather proud of it. 😉


  5. mirroringjesus says:

    Oh yum!! I actually worked at a road side stand last summer, selling strawberries, and will be doing it again this year!!! I LOVE STRAWBERRIES!!!! (A wonderful sign of summer!) Ohh.. strawberry jam over ice cream? delish! (strawberry cobbler is really good too!) If only strawberry season lasted longer…. 😞 Oh well.

    And yes, LOVING THE WARMTH!!!! I am TOTALLY a heat lover! looking forward to it climbing to 90s around here! (but for now, 70s & 80s are okay) 😊

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  6. Mandalynn says:

    Mmmm! Yummy! My favorite berry is raspberries.
    We went strawberry picking one two years ago and they were so good fresh off the vine and juicy warm!
    And yes, I agree with you that time flies! it seems the older you get the faster time goes! In some ways I wish I could go back in time, but in other ways I don’t.

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    1. Amie says:

      I would go back in time in a heartbeat. Relive most things, and plant them deep in my mind for a second time. We look over such small things sometimes, and those small things lead to big things…And before we know it, our life is changed. I’d go back, for sure.


      1. Mandalynn says:

        Well, yes I would want to change somethings, but I can’t so…
        what I really want to do is go back and relive the good memories! Dosen’t everyone?


  7. Lydia says:

    I’ve been strawberry picking many times! It’s been so long since I’ve done it though. I would love to do it again!
    My favorite fruit is peaches even though strawberries are on my favorite list! I LOVE warm weather!
    I recently heard that people can be too clean… and the meaning of that was basically a little dirt every once in a while is actually good for you! So don’t worry about not washing them first!

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