Five Writing Ideas

Hello!  Today I am doing a collab (or better known as collaboration.  I’m not sure why we like chopping words…) with Beezus the bear!  I’ve actually never done a collab before, so I’m kinda excited.  Y’all should be glad too, because it’s time for another writing post!  Today is about the Top Ten Writing Ideas.  I am doing five, and to  the other five, you must check out Beezus’ blog.  Are you ready?  Let’s go.

Idea #1

One day, a fellow (or gal) wakes up, and is recognized by someone he doesn’t know.  This person is stuck in a world where they are known, and they know nothing.  The people in this world/area expect this fellow to fix a devastating problem, which the fellow knows nothing of.  In the end of the story, you (the reader) find that the fellow was actually an identical twin that was ripped from his twin when they were but children.  The twin is at the moment in the fellow’s world/area, and is facing similar trials as the fellow.  Now, do you know what happens?  If so, comment down below!  Will the twins be reunited?  Why were they separated?  What is the thing that is threatening both worlds/areas?

Note: You could even use this idea for a historical fiction.  What if one of the twins was British and the other was American?  What if it was during the French Indian war?  What if it was during the California gold rush?  What if the fellow found himself/herself in one of the English king’s courts?  Or it could be a mystery, or even a fantasy!  Go wild with this idea, and let me know in the comments how you would use this!

Idea #2

How true is it that sin doesn’t only effect the life of the one committing it, but the lives of those around them.  What if you have a mystery that starts with a dying village, a misery old gentleman, and a fair boy?  If one man’s sin affects many men’s lives, how will one man’s obedience affect a whole village?  Make this tale wind slowly as you figure out that their was one man who started a whole chain of rebellion and destruction.  Where will it lead?  And where will it end?

Idea #3

It was always said this mine was empty…Until three kids decided to investigate.  What did they find down there?  A world?  An animal?  A friend?  Or a long-lost enemy?  You get to decide!  It’s your story for the taking.

Idea #4

Once a child wished before bed to walk on clouds…And on awaking, she was no longer on earth!  In the world of clouds, everything is different.  The world itself is cheerful…Until a thunder-storm.  What is it like to experience a thunder storm above it?  What is it like to experience rain from above?  Or sunshine?  How can you survive?  What do the animals look like?  Are more humans there?

Idea #5

All alone.  Destitute with no one to care, a girl has to make restitution for something that her dead brother has done.  Will she over come?  Or does the cruel world over come her?   This could be used as a historical fiction, a modern-day fiction, or even in another world at another time!  It could be a mystery.  She doesn’t know who her brother has injured, or who injured her brother.  Or it could be a romance, or even a thriller!  What about a comedy?  This story has a lot of potential

And that sums up my five writing ideas!  Comment below if you’ve visited Beezus’ blog, and which idea you thought was the best!



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