It’s Ten O’clock Again!


Hello, y’all!  A few days ago I posted an announcement saying you got to ask Rose and I questions.  Well, the questions started piling in, and so we thought we’d do this in two parts.  We wanted to make it different from last time (and I wanted to save my fingers, and time), so we decided to film our answers instead of write them.

Since the video is rather long, we’re doing it in parts, so here’s part one!  If you have fifteen minutes to spare, just start watching.

WARNING: Both girls in the video below are known to make people laugh.  If you don’t want to laugh, don’t watch.

Here’s the links I mentioned in the video.

My friend, Anna’s blog.

My dream husband.



62 thoughts on “It’s Ten O’clock Again!

  1. Wait, did Amie just say tea over coffee??! 😂 And LOL!! Life of Fred! 😂 You are both so funny, I was laughing so hard! 😛😂 Amie, you and Rose are so similar to my sister K and I!

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  2. I loved the video!! 👍 Rose, your laugh is contagious! 😂😂 You had be laughing over here! Wait. Did Amie just say tea OVER coffee?!?!? 😂 And LOL, life of Fred! 😛😂 Haha!

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  3. I can’t wait to see the other parts!! 😊 You guys remind me of Adria and I, just how you talk and react to each other. 😂 And I’m surprised Rose would actually choose ROMANCE or mystery!! 😱😂😉 You girls are wonderful! 💗

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  4. Loved this! It’s like I got to know a little bit more about you both. You girls really remind me of my sisters, Laura and Adria. 😁 Our family must be weird, too, because sometimes we communicate from across the room when we could be talking! 😂 We’re not the only ones! 😉

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  5. The video idea was great! I can’t wait until the next part!

    Awe, Rose, that is sweet about you wanting to travel back to when you were seven!
    And that is very amusing about your dream husband being Fred! As soon as you said square head…

    Oh, I love that quote! Did you know there is a new one “Saint Bartholomew’s Eve”?

    Rose talking about the leather seats reminded me of “I want a Cadillac with leather seats but she won’t let me buy one!” From our counseling videos “years ago” when I was your mom and you were the spoiled kid that wanted to spend all my money. *shudders at the thought of the terrible outfit I wore in that scene*

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    1. LOL! You’re bringing me down memory lane, Mandalynn! Haha, yep. It was me being Amie. (Honestly, he’s not my dream husband…But he was what came to mind.) Oh, no? Is there? *looks at budget* I might be able to squeeze a new audio drama in there. Haha, I remember that! Hey, I was pretty bad off too! That bow in my hair? *shudders*

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      1. Oh, I know he isn’t your dream husband. Great answer thought.

        You should buy Wolf the Saxon first. Besides, the new one isn’t actually for sale yet. You can only listen to it digitally if you are in the club.

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      2. WHAT!! YOU CAN? My father failed to tell me our family gets that bonus for being part of the club! Excuse me for a momoment. *runs to give my Dad a lecture.* Ok, I’m back that is what I get for not double checking everything myself. Oh, and Amie have you not heard Wulf the Saxon yet?

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      3. Nope. We don’t have the club, and so we have to buy them ourselves, and my siblings aren’t giving them to me! (Because I’m obviously not handing over the cash, LOL! I have bigger plans for my money. [Like, the next Baker book??])

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    1. Hahaha, sorry you didn’t know that Jac, but at least you do now. Sadly, it isn’t much of a bonus for us as my mother won’t let us listen to it until we can buy it in CD format. Tell me how you like it, but don’t give the story away. (though the name already lets you know what it will be about)

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      1. I can’t wait, plus I don’t KNOW for sure people will give it to me. They might give it to Rose, and that would make my series incomplete when Rose moves away. (Always look to the future, m’dear.)

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      1. I have thought about that before, but I own all the books anyway and I make sure to campaign for them so none else receives it. Plus, I figure I might just buy a whole new set when I move out since the ones I have now are already quite ruined and old looking. Then there will still be those at home for the others anyway.

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  6. This was sooooo hilarious! 😊 I LOVED it! You gals are so funny! Can’t wait for part 2!😏
    Whoever thought of that emoji question was really smart too!😉
    By the way… I was wondering why you do this at 10 o’ clock? Is there anything special about that time?

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  7. Lol! I just saw this and you both had me laughing 2 minutes into the video! As soon as you said ‘His nose can slit envelopes’ and that ‘He was 3 feet tall and 5 years old’ I knew exactly who you were talking about! Life of Fred, of course!
    Oh and thumbs up for saying my name exactly right; 1 out of 10 people get the pronunciation right on the first try. I can’t wait for Part 2!! You and Rose are so hilarious. XD

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  8. Ha ha, this was great, Amie! (And I TOTALLY agree with you on WWII. I’m kind of a WWII nut, by the way. LOVE that time period. In fact, I went through an entire phase where I dressed in 1940’s outfits and listened to the music and just absorbed the culture.) “I don’t want anyone shipping my characters.” HA. HA. Amie. You’re too much. *shakes head* Also y’all’s relationship is so sweet 🙂 Reading is life itself? YES. ALSO WHAT. TEA OVER COFFEE? *shakes head* And OH DEAR, Amie. You pronounced my name wrong. HORRORS OF HORRORS, WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS. (Actually, it’s ah-ree-uh, and my middle name has a soft s. 😉 ) Oh dear, I’m sorry for confusing you about my blueberry + pancakes and wasps question. The answer is, well. Actually, there is no answer. It was an illogical question. Oh, and the Ford F-250 Ranch pickups are so cool! We have a F-150 for the farm but my dad wants to get a different Ford pickup for towing a big camper and when I get my license. So I’d be driving the truck. 😉 Also DUDE heated seats are amazing! I never did Life of Fred math, but Amie that was hilarious! XD XD

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    1. Oh, I’m so glad you liked this! (You really should have had a sister, Aria!) Haha! I wanted so bad to make myself a dress in the 1940 fashion, but sadly we don’t have any fabric that would work. *sigh* I’m so sorry! I’ll send you anything you want! Just DON”T STOP BEING MY FRIEND! 😭 Well, I could have told you it was illogical! But I thought I had to answer it. I’m so glad I made you laugh.


      1. 🙂 (Tell me about it! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to settle with unbiological sisters from around the US.) Ooh, I once had a girl make me a custom tailored 1940s suit! I also did a 1940s theme for my senior pictures – I’ll send them to you. 😉 OKAY, OKAY, I WON’T. Ha ha, you sure did. 🙂

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    2. I thought that is how you pronounced your name because I know a little girl who is named that.
      From what I looked up both your names are Hebrew and they mean Lioness Elizabeth, LOL. Or did I read the wrong source?

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      1. AHA! Well. Heh heh, nope, I know that at least my name is Italian, and it’s a long, accompanied song for solo voice, typically in an opera. It’s a frequent, well-known term in classical music. *nods* 😉

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      2. *nods* Yeah, at least that’s the definition my parents had in mind when they picked my name, and the definition that suits me best!

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  9. Amie, this was hilarious!! Y’all need to do another one! I’m laughing so hard right now…and now I’m going to crack up every time I think about “his nose can open envelopes…” Okay, now I REALLY need to read your books…I’m always so worried someone will ship my characters, especially in my WIP since there’s a boy and girl close in age… #WritersAgainstRomance XD Rose is absolutely hilarious!! What’s the age difference between the two of you?

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