Sometimes, I really don’t know what to write.  My life is blank, my mind is blank, and I feel like I really need a cup of coffee.  There’s this little antsy itch that wants to go check social media, and waste time, because my brain is fried.

Sometimes, I feel very ill.  It’s more than I can do to just smile at the people passing by, but I must keep going.  I will my body to keep moving, and tell myself that it’ll get better.  Tomorrow, I’ll be better.  But tomorrow, I’m not better.

Sometimes, I’m just depressed.  I feel like the world is a grey blank in space.  And time someday will be no more, and I’ll be cold in my grave.  What good will I have done, then?   I’m just not enough.  My writing is just not enough, my body is just not enough, and I AM JUST NOT ENOUGH.

I have to fight these feelings.  They confront me at every turn.  Always a little whisper. Always that little nag of, “you’re not enough.”  BUT!  I’m here to tell you that you ARE enough.

In the Psalms, David marvels at God’s omnipotence, and then he writes in Psalm 139,

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

I can never believe that verse.  My head believes it, yes, but my heart?  Does my heart believe it.  Does your heart believe it?  God knows your hair color.  He knows your personality type.  He made you your perfect height, and ALL FOR A REASON.

Once, there was a little girl who was terribly sad.  Why?  Because she didn’t have blue eyes and blond hair.  She had black hair, and brown eyes. All the pretty little girls had blue eyes and blond hair, but God hadn’t given her that.  She was short instead of willowy, and altogether, she was unhappy with her looks.

Fast forward a few years.  This girl was Gladys Aylward.  She found a reason why God had given her dark hair, and a short stature as she ministered in China.  God has a reason for where you are now.  He has a reason for who you are, and YOU ARE PERFECT.

You might not be enough, but God wants you to feel that you are lacking so that you then fly to Jesus.  So then we may fully know that,

When I am weak, then am I strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10)

God is our strength.  He makes us “enough.”  Whenever you feel lacking, fly!  Fly to Jesus. He is our strength.  The only strength that will really make us strong, and He is the only thing that can determine our worth.

You’re beautiful.  You’re strong.  You’re worth something in Jesus’ sight.  Don’t listen to the devil’s lies.  He’s real, and he’s real good at lying.  The world is colorful, and if you have the joy of Jesus in your life, you will find the simple things wonderful.  God has planned a day for you to be born, and to die.  Never listen to the lies that tell you otherwise.

Take time to thank God for how He has made you.  When you’re depressed, or tired, or just lacking, take time to ask God to help you.  To fill you.  To show you the joy that is in your life.  He’ll listen to you, and He’ll answer all prayers prayed in faith.


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29 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Hannah says:

    This is so absolutely true! I used to wish that I wasn’t so tall (I used to think I was tall but in reality almost everyone in my grade is so much taller than me XD) and that I had blond hair rather than brown, and so on…XD

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  2. Aria Lisette says:

    Thank you for writing this reminder so well Amie! It’s something so true and that we all need to hear. (Also I remember a similar story like the one you told about Gladys Aylward, only about Amy Charmical, have you heard that one?) Also I really, really hate it when I get depressed and my mind goes blank. I find that’s a good time to unplug, surround myself with good friends, read my Bible, and sleep. *nods*

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      1. Aria Lisette says:

        I remember reading that Amy Carmichael wished she was blue-eyed, but later her dark eyes turned helpful when she was in India and was more easily able to sneak inside the temples to rescue the girls.

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