Beyond Her Calling: Book Review

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At twenty, Ivy Knight feels as if she hasn’t accomplished anything of worth. Her life stretches on before her, empty and pointless. Though her faith in God and her mental abilities have been strengthened, she still doubts herself. Does God have a purpose for a socially awkward, often confused and frightened young woman?

Jordy McAllen has just returned to Scotland after his education in London. Though he has accomplished a lot for a farm lad such as himself, he fears that what everyone has always said about him may be true: he won’t really make a good doctor. Determined to prove himself, Jordy snatches up the opportunity to become the doctor in the village of Keefmore near his parents’ farm.

Helping Jordy with his work at Keefmore seems like the perfect opportunity for Ivy. Still, she doubts herself. Is there a purpose to Ivy’s life?

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*heart eyes* OH MY GOODNESS!  Can I take time to gush about the book?  No?  You don’t want to hear me?  Well, let me calm down, and come back.

Beyond Her Calling had all of the Kellyn Roth magic to it.  The beauty, Scotland, redheads, little kids and farms!  As Kellyn says,

A clean and pure Christian historical romance with:

-friendship to romance (which is actually based on love)

-mental disabilities rep




-cows (and being afraid of cows)


-small adorable children

-more Scotland

-awesome families

-siblings and best friends and both at once

It is all those things and more.  I’ll take the list, and gush on all the facts.  (LOL.)

  1. Friendship to romance

It was really good, because it wasn’t that stuck by lightening, we’ve-been-together-for-eight-years-and-never-noticed type of romance.  The friends haven’t seen each other since they were younger, and they haven’t kept in contact.  I love Ivy’s sweetness, and how she just assumes *cough* somebody hasn’t changed.  It’s adorable, y’all.

2. Mental disabilities

Two of the characters are said to be “not right” in the head.  It makes it sweet, but they aren’t overboard out of it.  In fact, expect for a few (hilarious) instances, you would guess they were just normal.  In fact, I find myself in both Ivy and Violet.  I tend to react like Violet when it comes to being hurt, or abandoned, and I totally relate with Ivy about social events, and just life in general.  WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO COMPLICATED? Thankfully, I have a friend that helps me, like Ivy. 😉

3. Scotland

AHHHH!  Who doesn’t love the brogue? When I beta-read this, and I found Kellyn was planning to use the brogue, I was delighted.  Plus, you have the heather, cold weather, kilts (I’m kilt obsessed, thank you), and Scottish music and dances.  The setting is perfect, and beyond anything you could ask.  I must say, I almost believe Kellyn has gone to Scotland.

4. Awkwardness

It’s adorable awkwardness, y’all.  I mean, just that silly awkwardness that you can TOTALLY relate with.  I read some of it aloud to my sister, Rose, and we were both giggling and laughing at the awkward moments.  I must say, Jordy is the funniest when he feels awkward. 😂

5. Kittens

Well, there’s one kitten, but it doesn’t play a major role, besides being a peacemaker.  Still, it’s a cute kitten.  I mean, close your eyes, and see a little tabby with eyes that just plead with you to play.  Like this one.


I heard your mental awwwww. 😉  It’s a kitten, y’all!  How can you resist it?

6. COWS!!!!!

Now, this was the one that made me more excited than the kitten.  I’m an animal person, and I love any and every animal.  I’m constantly asking my parents to bring home another fuzzy creature because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!  (Oh, and you need to wish Snowball happy belated birthday!  His birthday was the 19th.)  Cows are my favorite, and I am sure that someday I will have cows in my backyard, and cows in my front yard, and I will have cows.  (EAT MORE BEEF!) So, these cows aren’t beef cows, but they’re highland cattle.  Please, guys, look how cute.

via somewhere on Pinterest

I love redheaded people, and I simply adore redheaded cows. XD They’re SOOOO cute! ❤  (I do not know how Ivy can be scared of those big beasts.  They look like they were made to be loved.)


More animals, y’all.  This book is jammed packed with animals, and farm life, which makes it a win-win.  Who doesn’t love farms, cows, dogs, and kittens? And not just any dogs, but border collies!  The only thing that could have made it better was a rabbit. XD But, I mean, border collies are like, the prettiest dogs EVER.  Even prettier than Rottweilers, I will admit.  Just look at them!

Somewhere on Pinterest.

I just want to pet them so badly!  Kellyn, can I come and pet your dogs, please?

8. Small adorable children.

I have this thing for kids.  It’s right after my thing for animals.  I’m the person that only goes to the zoo because I know I’ll see cute little kids.  I know, it’s strange, but it’s rewarding to see the babies smile as you make crazy faces at them.  And these aren’t babies, but they’re still super cute, funny little kids. About my sister’s age.


And my sister is (in my humble opinion) the cutest kid on the planet.  Kiera and Mairi were ALMOST as cute as Emma.  ALMOST.

9. More Scotland.

I think I have said everything I can about Scotland.  That should have sealed the deal with you getting this book.  Y’ALL.  It’s Scotland.

10. Awesome families.

*frowns* There was only one family throughout the book that you really got to see, so *shrugs* it was one awesome family, though.  Seriously, I loved seeing the competition between the siblings, and just how the family worked.  Everyone knows that the older sister rules the household.  *looks guilty, because I am the older sister* It’s great.

11. Siblings and best friends and both at once.

I love books where the siblings are best buds, and this book is definitely one of those.  Edi, Jordy, Benji, and Mick made the book so much fun.  Plus, it’s Alice and Ivy, guys.  They are best friends, after all.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

On a calmer note, I’ll give the details.  Anything that might be seen as objectionable was…

3 kisses…And two of them weren’t just “a kiss.” The third one was definitely…The Kiss, as Ivy put it, but yeah.  I found the last kiss a bit much, but I’m sheltered, you know.

Suggestions of what happens at insane asylums, and why a character must NOT go there.

Other than that, it was squeaky clean!  The characters where very relatable, as was the plot.  Even though I don’t have “problems,” I do deal with a lot of the self-worth problems that Ivy and Violet had to make their way through.  Kellyn’s explanations of faith, and trust in God were so encouraging, and uplifting.

It is one of those books that you read, and you just know that the Lord must have put the words to write in the author’s mind.  It was a super sweet story, full of the right amount of laughter, confusion, lessons we all need to learn, and faith.  I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with Ivy and Jordy, and I must say, Benji is probably my favorite character.  Jordy was the first time I read it, but the second time…Well, I like Benji.

BHC Quotes 7.png

But, since I liked Jordy so much when I first read it, I asked Jordy to join me today on Crazy A.  Please welcome Jordy McAllen, folks! My questions are in bold, and Jordy’s answers are normal. 🙂

When you went to school, were you teased about your accent?
Ach, a wee bit. But it wasna bad, an’ I dinna care what they think! I know very well tha’ it’s a good, strong brogue, an’ nothin’ tae be ashamed o’.
What made you decide to become a doctor?
Well, it’s like this. I like people, an’ I dinna want tae see them suffer. Also, I think I can be a help tae them. Besides, Dr. McCale gave me a brilliant opportunity tae get an education, an’ who was I tae complain?
Growing up in a family full of boys, was there a lot of competition?
Aye! What do ye expect? We were always jostlin’ each other about, tryin’ tae be th’ winner. O’ course, I’m th’ eldest so I had a bit o’ a lead.
What were some of your first thoughts when you first came to the McCale House?
I thought it was a bit o’ an odd place. I wasna quite adjusted tae workin’ with people like Ivy an’ Violet. But as I got used to it, I learned tae love th’ work!
How important is music to you?
Well, music is pretty! I enjoy dancin’, an’ it’s nice tae have it when ye’re dancing. Otherwise, I dinna have much o’ an opinion.
What is your fondest childhood memory?
Oh, tha’s impossible! I have so many. I suppose times spent with me best friend, Tristan Kendrick? We had some wild adventures.
Are you excited about the release of Beyond Her Calling?
Aye! I think it’s a fantastic story, actually, meself.
How well acquainted with Kellyn are you?
Passin’ well. No’ as well as Ivy is. Ivy actually like Miss Roth. Meself? She tends to mess with me life.
What is your favorite fictional book?
I’m no’ much for readin’ outside o’ textbooks. I canna think o’ one! I did like learnin’ about Greek myths and whatnot.
What is your favorite meal?
Tae many tae list!
Do you prefer summer or winter?
Ach, summer. I was never one for cold!
Answer truthfully…What are your thoughts on Violet?
Tha’s difficult tae say. I think Violet could be a grand lass, but she doesna live up tae her potential. She doesna even try. An’ I do like her, I suppose – I canna help but like her because she’s been in me care for so long! But it’s one thing tae know tha’ ye must care for someone an’ another tae want tae be with them, an’ Violet can be so unpleasant sometimes.
What do you hope people learn from your story?
Tae no’ make th’ same stupid mistakes I make all th’ time!
And, because I found this so interesting, here is Jordy’s character info.  

Jordy McAllen

Jordy McAllen

Bio: Jordy is a former farm lad from the small village of Keefmore, Scotland who has since become a medical doctor. He worked at McCale House, a home for “simpletons,” for many years, which was a wonderful experience. He loves Scotland, people, and good food. He’s a minor character in Ivy Introspective and goes on to take a leading role in Beyond Her Calling.

Fun Info About Jordy:

Full Name: George “Jordy” Albert McAllen

Birthdate: March 1858

Personality Type: ESFP

Personality Info: Jordy loves people. Talking to them, spending time with them, and especially doing crazy things with them. That said, he’s tamed down his “wild side” in his determination to be a respectable doctor. He really does want to help people in any way he can. He’s a strange mix of sensible and enthusiastic; he’s an optimistic realist, you might say. He loves being outside in nature, more active games, and he never turned his nose up at a good meal.

Appearance: Jordy has tends-to-get-messy red-brown hair and honey-gold eyes. He firmly believes he isn’t a redhead—though he’s delusional. He’s of average height and weight.

Background: Jordy was born and raised in the small village of Keefmore in Scotland. At age 12, he decided he wanted to be a doctor. When Jordy met Dr. McCale, he was offered a job as an assistant at the McCale House, a boarding school for mentally challenged children. That’s where he meets Ivy—and of course Violet, too.
At eighteen, he went to London to begin his formal education as a doctor of medicine. And that’s what he’s returning from at the beginning of Beyond Her Calling.

Family: Mr. Albert and Mrs. Annis McAllen, Edith “Edi” (sister), Benjamin “Benji,” Michael “Mick,” Albert “Alby,” and Thomas “Tas” (brothers).

Random Facts:

-Jordy loves to dance. He’s not necessarily good at dancing, but he loves to dance …

-Even Jordy doesn’t know quite where his nickname came from. But he does prefer it over stuffy George Albert.

-Jordy likes dogs, but if he were to pick an animal companion, it would definitely be a cow. Unfortunately, his mother never took kindly to him bringing cattle into the cottage.

For more information, check out his latest novel:
Facebook Page:  

Check out the facebook page.  It’s HILARIOUS what the other characters talk about.  XD.

BHC Quotes 9.png
Kellyn should have put music as the highlights!  It’s a major part of the story, and as a pianist myself, and a lover of music, it was very satisfying.

Anyway, y’all need to know about Kellyn, too, right?


Kellyn Roth lives on an Eastern Oregon ranch with her parents, little brothers, border collies, cats, and a few dozen cows and chickens. Always a lover of a good story, and especially of telling one, she’s been writing since she was seven and published her first novel at fourteen. Now a homeschool grad, she divides her time between penning her next Christian historical novel, creating professionally silly articles at, and her actual life. Actual life plays second fiddle sometimes, though.
Find out more on her website:
And then you need the links…
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You need to go to Kellyn’s blog to see the rest of the posts, and stay tuned with the rest of the blogs for the blog tour.  It’s going to be splendid, like all of Kellyn’s blog tours.  Thanks for listening to me rave, and thank you again, Jordy, for joining me!

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  1. Lieya says:

    Wow I have never heard of this author or this book, but my interest is peaked! There are so many things you listed that I enjoy reading about! I will have to look it up!

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  2. Hannah says:

    Ooh looks like a great book! I’ve heard that Kellyn is a great author, I’ll have to read some of her books sometime! btw. I love your new profile picture! 🙂

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  3. Kellyn Roth says:

    AMIE! This review/interview/this whole post absolutely KILLED me! Why? Because it is SO. PERFECTTTTT! I mean, I’m over here fangirling over your review because I just adore it and … wow! 😀 Thank you so, so much for putting all the effort into putting it together! I love the pictures and the descriptions and the breakdown and basically … everything!

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  4. Aria Lisette says:

    AHH, THAT BROGUE WAS GREAT. Also it sounds like a really great book, and I LOVE friendship-to-romance romance. YES. (Which reminds me, Kiera is another REALLY GOOD book that has that.) I should read it. Definitely. Also GREAT POST, Amie!

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  5. Lilian says:

    MMM (MMM being that very emphatic MMM/MMPH sound that people make when affirming other people. XD). GOOD REVIEW. You certainly displayed Beyond Her Calling SO WELL (even though I haven’t read it yet- but I’ll get to it soon haha). 😀


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