Interview with Characters

Hello!  Today I have Parker’s characters from his book series joining me in the Crazy A studio.  They very kindly agreed to travel on the Imagination transport, and now they’re here at Crazy A.

The Bryder’s are very interesting children, and I’m so happy to have them here.  Before I let them speak, I have to tell you to go check out Parker’s blog, and his interview with my characters from my book.

Now, help me welcome Jared, Jennifer, Jesse, and Joy Bryder.

Thank you, Jared, Jennifer, Jesse, and Joy, for joining me on Crazy A today.  Would you each introduce yourselves?
Sure! I’m Jared Bryder. *extends hand* I’m nineteen.
I’m Joy and I’m nine! *she smiles brightly*
My na–*Jennifer is interrupted.
I’m fourteen-year-old Jesse!
*Jennifer smiles at Jesse* I’m Jennifer. Oh, and I’m sixteen.
As siblings, do you often argue during the adventure?
Jared: Well, I think we’re usually too caught up in it to argue.
*Jennifer nods* True!
I argue with the bad guys! *Jesse pipes up*
*Joy frowns* Won’t that get you killed, Jesse?
Jesse: Nope!
Joy: It won’t?
Jesse: No!
Joy: Oh! I’ve never been taught that.
Who is the most adventuresome?
*everyone says Jesse in unison*
Me! *Jesse beams*
*Joy frowns* But I like adventure. More than Jennifer, at least.
Jared: Yes, but Jesse likes it the most.
Joy: Okay.
Are you all equally close, or do you each have a “closest” sibling?
*Jared furrows brows in thought*
*Jesse grins* I’m closest to Jared.
*Jennifer nods* Yeah, that’s true. I’ll say I’m closest to Jared and Joy. Though, Jesse is
*Jared also nods* Yeah, Jennifer’s right. And Jesse is very close to me.
*Joy looks up at her brother* But, Jared, you take me out for ice cream sometimes. Doesn’t that make us close?
*Jared smiled* Well, I guess.
Jared, is it hard being the oldest, and seeing your younger siblings in danger?
I would say yes and no. Yes, I don’t like to see them going through things like this. I don’t think any brother in his right mind does. But at the same time, it’s a blessing and encouragement to see my siblings living out their faith.
Jennifer, do you tend to be a leader or a follower?
Jennifer: Hmm. I guess it depends. If it’s children, I tend to be a leader. But with other people my age or older, I let them lead. It’s just easiest.
Jesse: I thought it was easier to lead.
Jennifer: I don’t think so.
Jesse: Well, kids wouldn’t go on very many adventures if I didn’t lead them.
Jennifer: Jesse, maybe you just like adventure too much.
*Joy nods* I agree.
*Jesse sighs* I doubt it.
Jesse, what is the dumbest thing you’ve done?
What? This is my question? Why couldn’t it have been given to someone else?
*Jared grins* Because you’re the best one for it.
*Jesse shakes his head* Oh, well. Um…maybe when I jumped from a moving car and got knocked out. Wait, Jared, did you just call me dumb?
Jared: No, but you may have done some of the dumbest things out of all of us.
Jesse: But remember when Jennifer–
*Jennifer raises her hand to stop him* I think it’s time we move on.
Jesse: You just don’t want me to tell.
Jennifer: I want us to move on.
*Jesse shakes head*
Joy, what is it like being the youngest during these missions?
*Looks down in thought* It’s a little good and bad. Since I’m little, they might leave me alone. But sometimes the bad guys try to use me so the others will obey the bad guys. I don’t like that.
What are each of y’alls favorite colors?
Jared: I like lime green.
*Jennifer is silent*
*Jesse frowns* Jennifer, what’s your favorite color?
Jennifer: I was waiting on you.
*Jesse raises an eyebrow* Why?
Jennifer: Because you interrupted me last group question.
Oh! *Jesse blushes* Anyway, I like royal blue.
*Jennifer smiles* Everyone tells me it’s obvious what color I like. Pink!
Joy: I like wild violet!
Do you prefer hills, plains, or mountains?
Jared: Hills.
*Jennifer allows Jesse to go first*
Jesse: I think plains ’cause that’s more cowboyish.
Joy: I thought hills and mountains were too!
Jesse: I don’t think so.
Joy: Well, we know cowboys here in Tennessee.
Jesse: Oh.
*Joy smiles* Anyways, I like hills.
*Jennifer nods* I like mountains. They’re just so scenic.
Jared, what is your greatest fear?
Hmm. I don’t fear too much, but probably my biggest fear would be that my family would be killed or detained forever on one of these adventures. That would just be horrible.
Jennifer, what was your greatest accomplishment?
Jennifer: Hmm, this is a hard question. Maybe learning to play Maple Leaf Rag. It was so hard, and I couldn’t get in the time easy. Plus, I don’t like playing rags or classical too much.
Jesse: I remember when you were trying to play that. It was so out of time.
*Jared gives Jesse a reproving look*
Jesse, what was your most embarrassing moment?
Why do I get these questions?
*Jared grins* Because they’re the best for you.
*Jesse punches him good-naturedly* Hmm. Maybe when I was at Evan’s wedding and I tripped going down the aisle with Karen. It was horrible!
*Jared, Jennnifer, and Joy burst into laughter*
*Jesse shakes head*
Joy, what do you consider your biggest blessing?
The Lord helping me through our latest adventure. Though, I’m scared we might enter another because Jared has been investigating some mysterious stuff with the detective.
What are y’alls favorite kinds of music?
Jared: I really like hymns done with family harmony. It sounds really good when families sing with all the parts.
*Jennifer waits on Jesse*
Jesse: Bluegrass and country!
Jennifer: I like the older hymns. There’s something about them that causes you to meditate.
*Joy shrugs* I really don’t know.
*Jesse leans forward* Just say bluegrass and country.
Joy: Bluegrass and country.
Do you prefer to write on paper or type?
Jared: Type!
*Jennifer is silent*
Jesse: Um…paper? I don’t write hardly.
Joy: Writing is fun! Especially if you write stories. I like paper right now.
Jennifer: Stationary which is paper. I write people letters and love fancy cards and stuff.
What is one of your talents that most people don’t know about?
Jared: I don’t know about me.
Jennifer: Jared, you’re an excellent solo singer.
*Jared looks skeptical* What? How do you know?
Jennifer: I hear you sing to yourself sometimes.
Jared: Oh.
Jesse: I’m a professional tree climber.
Joy: I can draw. Dad is good and he’s taught me some.
Jennifer: I really don’t have much talent.
Jared: You tend to have wise advice and you play piano, which people do know about.
Jennifer: I give wise advice? And I can’t play piano. Valerie Taylor plays way better than me.
*Jared nods* Of course, you have wise advice. Joy told me about what you told her when you two were on a walk through the apple orchard!
Jennifer: Thanks!
Joy: Who’s Valerie Taylor?
Jared: That girl down there in South Carolina.
Jesse: She’s not a girl. She’s eighteen now.
Joy: Oh!
Pepperoni, cheese, or combo pizza?
Jared: Pepperoni!
*Jennifer allows Jesse to go first*
Jesse: Combo!
Jennifer: Pepperoni.
Joy: Cheese
Jesse: That’s really boring, Joy.
Joy: I know. But it’s the best!
Jesse: No, it isn’t.
Joy: Yes, it is.
Jared: Let’s keep going.
What do y’all think of yodeling?
Jared: I hate it!
*Jennifer waits on Jesse*
Jesse: It can be done right and sound good.
Jennifer: I think it’s unique. I don’t like it, but it takes skill which is cool.
Joy: I love it!
Amie: I am ashamed of you, Jared.  It’s a talent that’s lovely.
And finally, what are y’alls favorite books?
Jared: Hmm. Probably Crossroads by Paul Willis. It’s got a lot of action which I like and it’s fast-paced.
*Jennifer waits for Jesse*
Jesse: I don’t really like books.
Joy: I like the Baker Family Adventures series.
*Jennifer looks up dreamily* The Star Under the City by Maggie Joy. It was so awesome! And Lenz was an amazing character! I could talk about him all day And then the Baker Family adventures series by C. R. Hedgcock.
Jesse: Jennifer, it sounds like you think Lenz is real.
*Jennifer blushes* He is to me.
Jesse: So I guess we know what kind of husband you want.
Jennifer: I never said I’d marry him.
Joy: You kind of said that the other day.
*Jennifer looks horrified* What?!
*Jared chuckles* Let’s get this over with.
Amie: Don’t worry, Jennifer, he’s real to me, too. 😉
Thanks for joining me on Crazy A!  
Jared: It was a lot of fun!
*Jennifer smiles brightly* Thanks for having us!
Jesse: I’d do it again. But on one condition: You don’t ask me crazy questions.
Jared: Jesse, would do it again no matter what.
Jesse: No, I wouldn’t. And, please don’t let anyone know some of these questions.
Jared: Jesse, this is on Amie’s blog. People are going to read it.
Jesse: Oh no!
*Joy’s tone is loud and cheerful* Well, bye. Thanks! I really had fun.
Jennifer: And if you visited just to hear about us, please subscribe to this crazy amazing blog. It’s my favorite!
Amie: Aw, thanks, Jennifer, and Jesse, sorry.  You’re doomed.  Thanks guys for reading this, and go check out Parker’s interview.

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        ALSO AMIE. I went and read YOUR characters’ interview on Parker’s blog, and I loved it! I actually laughed out loud at some parts. You’re such an engaging writer!

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