empty road under golden hour
Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels.com

Dusk is a magical time, isn’t it?  Right before dusk, you’re blinded by the splendor of the sunset, and then, quite suddenly, you feel the air mellow and soften, and you’re in the magical land of dusk.

In dusk, things happen that don’t always seem right, but you don’t remember them when it becomes night.  The stealthy dancing of fairies bent on mischief, and, if you live very close to fairy land, the Mother of the Night gathering herbs and sweet smells to enliven sleeping children’s dreams.

At dusk, all the problems of life seem to float away, and you’re on an endless sea of opportunity.  Inspiration, a tricky elf, goes to visit his friends, the night owls, while the early birds are left to scratch their heads and settle down, for they seem to believe that being early to bed is a sure way to become wealthy.  Night owls, on the other hand, believe that elf Inspiration only visits when the hours become small, and very lonely.

Dusk is something between worlds.  Between the fairy world that we only see small glimpses of, and the world of reality, that shines harshly in our faces.  Perhaps if we let all our troubles to the winds of dusk, and let the reality become less real, and instead turn to Him who is Creator of both the visible and invisible, dusk would be less magical.

But it is only those who are grateful for both the little and small things in life that notice such a small moment in time as dusk.  Only those who often thank the Creator of all for the small glimpses of His majesty in the creation He has created.

Remain thankful for the small things even when it isn’t Thanksgiving.  Remain thankful for the time to make a fairy castle, the small flower that was thrown on your path, or the magical minute called dusk.  For thankfulness is the only way to contentment.

❤ Amie

21 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Aria Lisette says:

    AHHHHH THIS WAS SO GOOD, AMIE! I love dusk, it’s such a swell subject. I wrote about it once, and yes – I agree – it’s like a bridge between this world and another. And the last paragraphs. I agree 100%. 👌

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