Thanksgiving 2018

Whew, is it already over?  I slept late this morning, something I NEVER do, but…I didn’t get up until eight. XD  Yes, I had so much fun that I was worn out.  And no, I actually barely at anything.  I ate was four sugar cookies with frosting because, y’all, I LOVE FROSTING!

*cough* But, that’s beside the point.  For Thanksgiving we went to our awesome friend’s house, who we like to call our cousins.  It was so much fun hanging out with Jaclynn, Mandalynn, and Miranda, and just fellowshipping and laughing.  (We laughed, like, A LOT.) XD

Jaclynn making her famous rolls. 😛

We got to their house about two, and they gave me the rundown on what’s been happening in their busy lives.  I must admit that I loved the car ride there.  I’m the kind of person that loves earphones and music, and the soothing movement of the car.  I tried to write letters on the way, but the road was just a bit too rough.


The girls were busy cooking for some of the time before dinner, so I explored outside and made sure the littles weren’t killing each other.  I thought this was the cutest thing ever. ❤


Rose and Sara had lots of fun talking as well.  They’re best of friends, and suddenly become quiet when I approach them. XD I think secrets of some sort were being shared.


Baby Sis and Little C were so cute together!  Little C loved tackling everyone that came his way, and his smile was so cute!  Yes, he was totally ADORABLE.


We had to take our typical selfie together.  Last year we took a selfie right in front of my family’s van and so we had to again this year.  After dinner we decided to set out for a photoshoot.  Sadly, I don’t have a DSLR at the moment, so we just had to borrow my dad’s phone. 😀


We found some crab apples, and so I was able to try them for the first time.  THEY WERE SO GOOD!  When I have my own house, I’m planting four crab apple trees, because they’re just that good.  The perfect mixture of sour and sweet.


We saw THE CUTEST donkeys on our way, and so we stopped to pet them and some super friendly goats.  The donkeys were so soft, and sweet, and now my heart is totally stolen by donkeys. ❤ Can you guess what pet I want next? XD


I mean, seriously, what can be cuter than that little face?  (Okay, this post seems to be me gushing about cute toddlers and adorable donkeys, LOL.)


For some reason I just think this picture is so pretty.  The lightening and then us?  Yep, Jaclynn did a wonderful job taking this picture.  I wish I could remember ever last thing we said to each other.  We talked and joked so much, that all my thoughts seem to run into each other.


Sometimes, I wish that a day could suddenly become 48 hours, and that I had a memory that would last forever.  Yesterday was one of those awesome days that you’ll forever treasure because you’re with people you love, and that love you.  It was lovely. ❤


We love trees for photo props, for some reason.  They’re really neat, except by the end of the photo shoot we all had dirt and bark in our hair. 😛  The three sisters posing. 😀


We all had to take turns taking the pictures.  Jaclynn and Mandalynn were the chief photographers because they wanted me to be in the pictures. XD  This picture came after a row of pictures of us goofing off.  It’s really hard for me to stay serious in front of the camera.


Who said we had to be serious?  It’s thanksgiving after all, time for us all to be a turkey.


We each took a picture of us by ourselves.  Miranda wanted to climb in the tree for hers.  The evening light was sometimes a bit tricky, but it was still so pretty!


Mandalynn.  She was sniffing the air and saying, “Ah, it smells just so fresh!” XD Yes, the air did certainly smell fresh.  I didn’t realize how cold it was outside until we went back to the house, but it was definitely a brisk and fresh afternoon.


We tried to take a picture of Jaclynn throwing her hair back, but…It didn’t exactly work out. XD So we went with this picture. 😀


Apparently I’m ruining a really good shot. XD Miranda definitely looks the coolest.  I’m afraid the food had gotten to me, and so I could only pose a bit unnaturally. XD


This was one picture that failed.  I was supposed to be doing pull ups while they were looking at me impressed, but the only person that was doing what they were supposed to was me. 😛 Jaclynn looks like she’s scared I’m going to break the branch, while I’m not sure what Mandalynn is looking towards.


The sisters look so sweet together!  I enjoyed taking this picture for them. 🙂


Apparently when I stood my full height, I made them look too short, so I had to shorten myself.  After this picture, we continued our walk.


We found a cow trailer, and thought it would be a very good place to take some more pictures.  But…Well, we kinda goofed off the whole time, so a lot of the pictures didn’t turn out.  XD


Mandalynn and I started talking about short stories we’re writing, which ended with us laughing, and joking.  It was hard to keep our faces straight while we posed.


We came up with funny jokes and phrases.  Somehow they seem to stick with us.  Most of us all have an inside joke about our future, or something along those lines.


We thought it would be a good idea to all jump at the same time and take a picture.  The only problem was that Mandalynn thought we meant jump off the trailer instead of just jump up.  XD So this is what the picture looked like.


We can be serious.  Believe me, we really can.


Or not…

The rest of the night was spent in singing, and listening to stories read or told by their dad.  And then came the cookie decorating, but I didn’t take any pictures of that.  You know my style of cookie decorating.  Who cares if it’s pretty?  The more fluffy icing, the better!


And that’s the end of this post!  We had the best time ever, and it was full of friendship and laughter.  I’m already looking forward to next time…

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you like donkeys?  What is your favorite photo prop?


36 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2018

  1. Mandalynn says:

    I had such a grand time and can’t wait until I see you again!!!! I didn’t talk about near as many the things I wanted too. (and of course I have half a dozen movie ideas we need to do. not counting the BFA one 😉 )
    The pictures came out better than I thought. *happy sigh*
    I love the last one of Miranda.

    I got a bunch of cookie photos so you’ll probably see them on my blog in a couple days. I’ll send all our pictures to you if you want. Make sure you email me yours.

    The merriest of Christmas wishes to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura Baloga says:

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! 💗💗 And, wow, Little Sis is growing so much!!! She is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you send me pics of her?! 😜 (but no, literally!!)

    Liked by 1 person

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