White Christmas

Christmas is a very unusual time, and so I decided to do something unusual.  I have been taking piano since I was seven-years-old, and this Christmas I felt it was time to share my skill.  I’m not very good, and I get really nervous any time I try to video myself.

This video is not me just sitting down deciding to play.  I played piano, and when I was about ten or eleven, I realized that if I ever wanted to succeed in this line, I would have to work, work, work, and work.  It wasn’t easy, and I’ve spent hours on the piano bench.  A lot of time, many failed attempts, and a few set backs have brought me to this video.  And now I’m still afraid to post it.  It seems terrible, horrible, and just miserable.

But my friends tell me I need to quite beating myself up, and I know I need to face my fears.  So?  Here’s my way to wish you a merry Christmas.  Enjoy.


55 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. Jana T says:

    Good job! It takes a lot of courage to share something as personal as music, especially if you aren’t used to it. I’m also a pianist who rarely plays for anyone, so I get it. Great video, and Merry Christmas!

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  2. kingofthecowboys1943 says:

    Amie, I listened/watched the video and really enjoyed your playing. You have worked very hard to get where you are now. You shouldn’t be afraid to let others see some of the wonderful talents God has blessed you with. I’ve been blessed to grow up in a family that sings acapella only. We are all singers. I never thought my voice was good enough or that anyone would actually want to hear me sing. I’ve learned otherwise thanks to the kind people around me who have continually encouraged me. You keep playing! I’ll keep singing! All the glory, praise, and honor goes to God for His unspeakable love and gifts.

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    1. Amie says:

      Oh, that’s wonderful! My family sings mostly acappella as well. 😉 It’s fun to sing harmony. And yes, let’s keep singing and playing and giving all honor and glory to our King!


  3. toadstoolartblog says:

    Nice job! I don’t know how you got the idea that your playing is “terrible, horrible, and just miserable”. It sounds great to me.

    I played piano for quite a few years but wasn’t that passionate about it. I’m more interested in violin and voice (still haven’t been able to start taking lessons for either yet, but I might be able to soon). I love listening to other people play the piano though.

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  4. Allison says:

    Ooh, that was LOVELY, Amie! *applauds loudly* I really enjoyed that, and I have to disagree with your opinion on your piano playing skills. 😉 ❤ I totally know how that feels, though.
    Also, that arrangement is BEAUTIFUL (and quite long), and AMIE. IS THAT YOUR HOUSE? DO YOU REALLY HAVE THAT GORGEOUS PIANO IN YOUR HOUSE? *wistful sigh*
    I love your videos so far that I've watched, and I do hope you make more. 🙂

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    1. Amie says:

      Haha, thanks, Allison! I arranged it myself. No, LOL! That’s my church. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have that piano, but it’s not ours. Our piano looks like it’s fit to be in a museum. I needed somewhere quiet to video, and that’s certainly NOT our house, though I did try.


  5. odylicious says:

    That was just beautiful, especially since you arranged it. You should be proud of yourself for sure. Goodness, I never could really get past learning how to use both hands back when I was learning to play as a youth. I got bored with all of the old fashioned songs. The only ones I ever enjoyed playing were Christmas songs. I eventually dropped out from boredom. You have persistence and talent.

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