Interview with Artist

Hello, it’s Cam today, and I’m here to interview a fellow artist, who’s art far outshines mine.  Can we please put our hands together for Muffin?

Hello!  Would you like to introduce yourself?

Heyo, Muffin from here. Thanks for having me Cam!

What started your interest in art?

I’m not sure what initially got me into art.  I’ve always loved drawing as far back as I can remember. Even when I was in kindergarten, I took art seriously. Of course, when you’re five, your drawings aren’t going to be that great unless you’re a prodigy (which I am not, unfortunately). I remember one particular drawing I made of a girl with a skateboard when I was little. I had high hopes for it, and I ended up hating it…trying to get good at anything is a painful process.


What is your favorite painting/sketch you have done so far?

That changes with time as I improve and make more stuff. Currently my favorite work is a pastel drawing I did of pears. ( My favorite used to be a portrait I did of a famous actor, but I accidentally messed it up by drawing on the back of it with an ink pen. I actually cried when I realized what I did. I had poured hours into that drawing. I was depressed for a whole week. Still makes me sad when I think of it.

What is your favorite art medium?

Currently I’m in love with pastels. They’re soft, colorful, and, bright. And they’re relatively easy to erase (unlike colored pencils), and fairly easy to control (unlike paint). I do draw in pencil a lot because pencils are easy to erase if you make mistakes, and very portable. No need to worry about making a mess or anything like that. Plus I’m extremely comfortable with them. They’re also very cheap. You can make a good sketch even with mechanical pencils from your local dollar store.


Are you courageous when it comes to art, or do you prefer to stay with what you already know?

Depends on my mood, really. As I just mentioned, pencil is my go-to medium. Whenever I need to unwind and just draw without the uncomfortable sensation that comes when using a new medium or drawing a subject that I’m not familiar with, I pick up one of my smaller sketchbooks and a pencil and doodle characters. However, I do like to try new mediums and push myself to draw things that I’m not as good at drawing. That’s what helps you improve. Sure you could draw the same thing over and over and get really good at that one thing, but it’s nice to be well-rounded.


Besides art, what are some of your hobbies?

I love to hike (especially in the mountains). I love reading and writing when I get the chance. Reading and writing are a part of me just as much as art is, but I don’t read as much as I used to because of my busy schedule. I tell myself that I’ll read after school but then I’m exhausted and just want to do nothing. I also hope to start taking violin and voice lessons soon. I played the violin for two years, then quit because I was lazy (and my teacher was a bit intimidating). No more of that nonsense. This time I’m going to stick with it (hopefully…). I dance three times a week. My favorite part is ballet. I’m pretty bad though, as I just started this year. I got on pointe recently, and it’s cRaZy pAiNfUl sometimes but I like it. It makes you feel elegant. And last but definitely not least, I like orienteering. My dad’s been taking me orienteering since before I could walk (he carried me). Now, orienteering is NOT geocaching. Orienteering is when you use a map and a compass to navigate to different points and determine the best route possible. I’m pretty sure you can use a GPS when you’re geocaching. The point of orienteering is to hone your map-reading skills and apply them to your surroundings. So no GPS’s allowed. Plus when you’re orienteering, there’s no prizes involved or anything.


Do you have any siblings?


Just one. We’re roughly a year and a half apart. She loves horses, planning/organizing things, minecraft, and reading. Here’s an example of our typical interactions:

*We decide to play Mario Kart*


Her: NOOOOOOOOO it’s too hard!

Me: That’s what makes it fun! Besides it’s really pretty. I love all the bright colors and the noise you make when you run into the fence and how you burn up in Earth’s atmosphere when you fall off the track.

Her:…..that’s why you like it?! You. Are. A. Weirdo.


Her: Fine. If AND ONLY IF you play minecraft with me.


*a few minutes later*



Why is this so much like me and Cassy?  

What is something you would like to do in the future?

I would love to own a quaint cabin in the mountains on a small farm. Something manageable, nothing huge. Chickens, goats, bees, a vegetable garden, and a pig (for a pet). I love the mountains SO MUCH. I’m going on a trip to a little mountain town with my mom for my 16th birthday soon. I’ve done it every year since my 12th birthday (or 13th…I can’t remember) and it’s the highlight of my year.


Thank you so much for coming on Crazy A with me!  (I needed ideas, and so yeah.  You were helpful.)

Thanks again for having me! I had fun. I think I got a bit too carried away with some of the questions…

Nope, never.  This is a very fun interview.  Now, go check out Muffin’s art, and follow her amazing blog!


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