Photography Contest #6

Today is the last photo for this contest!  Can you believe that?!  I’m feeling a little sad, because this BIBPC has been so much fun, and so challenging.  So, before I explain my photo, please put your hands together for Megan!  Thank you so much, Megan, for all the time you put into this contest.  It was a ton of fun. 😉

So, the photo was supposed to be of something invincible.  Wow, that’s easy.  *rolls eyes* No, it wasn’t all that easy, after all.  I thought, and thought some more, and almost forgot about it.  (Yep.  Terrible, I know.)  And then I went with my second idea.  Behold, my father!  (And yes, he is praying, since prayer is the thing that is invincible.)



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