Needed: Bloggers!

Calling all bloggers.  This is Snowball Rabbit, and I am here in the stead of Amie.  Why? Because this post is all about me! *cues evil bunny laughter*


No, I’m not that bad, but this post is all about the furry white rabbit with grey ears.  A dog has taken over my natural habitat (also known as my house) and I have been feeling a bit neglected.  Amie thought it would be a good idea to publish a book all about her rabbit to make him happy again.

(Amie might or might not have succeeded there.)

So, not only did she drag me outside to take pictures of me, she commanded me to use all my cuteness to get people to sign up for a blog launch tour for her very first book that she has self published.

Sounds to me like she was scared of people’s reaction.  Hmm, maybe I’m looking too far into this.  Either way, let me tell you, she would be beyond thrilled if she finds people signing up.  (Don’t make her too thrilled, or she’ll pick me up and cover me with kisses.  It’s not comfortable for me, and she usually ends up with bunny fur in her mouth.  But make her a little bit happy because then she’ll give me an apple and carrots, and a bunny rub.)

Are you ready to sign up?  I guess it’ll be fun.  If you interview me, I promise to be nice.  *looks around* Really nice.

You can sign up here.

I also realized that all the photo shoots you’ve seen of me have been told from Amie’s perspective, and that’s just not right.  I’m the main subject of them, so I thought I would show you some photos, and tell you about them from my perspective.


To all the rabbits reading this, when your owner decides to take pictures of you, you need to look regal.  Try to show people that real rabbits are not cute.  We are dignified creatures.


See?  Give your owner the regal look.  If you don’t, people will start telling you how cute you are.  If you’re a girl rabbit, that might be good, but I am a man rabbit, and a manly man at that.  *snorts*


Never be caught eating on camera.  That is disgraceful as well.  We eat in private, and show our wonderfully regal bunny faces in public.

Now, did this post give you enough info for you to help Amie out?  Also, you did chose to interview me, didn’t you?  I mean, I’m obviously the best choice there.

Good day, good humans!

-Snowball Rabbit, detective


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