Snowball Rabbit Blog Tour~Day 3~


Meow how how.  It is I.  The cat named Angel, and today I have come to ruin the blog.  Well, not ruin it, but to make this blog tour a total disaster.  I still cannot understand why Amie decided to use a rabbit as a main character in her book.  Everyone knows that cats are superior creatures, do they not?

As a cat, I must say that Amie’s blog is absolutely cat-less, and needs some cat sprucing up.  She doesn’t even have any chips on the blog!  Can you believe, when I jumped up on her bed the other night to be friendly, and remind her she shouldn’t have chips on her bed, and offer to take them away, she pretended I was a dog and threw a chip at me saying fetch!?  Thankfully, it missed and landed on the ground.  (And since I’m such a helpful cat, I went to clean up the mess she made.)

Well, Amie said that as the person in charge of the tour today, I had to promote the book, introduce the people helping out today, and then talk about some giveaway.  Well, we shall proceed.


Posting today, we have…

Amie @ — The enemy I, Angel the cat steals posts on the blog

Merie Shen @ — Interview with Snowball

Hannah @ — Book review

Now, as you know, you can buy the book here.  Some people seem to think the cover is very cute, but it is a rabbit on the cover.  Rabbits are very stuck up animals.  In fact, Snowball often cases me away in the morning when I come down to the living room to be pet.  He is a very persistent animal, and he just follows me, zipping and zagging whenever I try to give him what he deserves.  (A paw to the face, in other words.)

Amie also thought she would get more attention if she had a giveaway.  I mean, I suppose free stuff is a very good idea, but she should have added chips to the mix.  Especially Doritos.  YUM.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Amie is also having a LIVE YouTube Q&A on Saturday, which will be at…(She said to draw out the suspense. Meow how how. >:)

2:15 EST

Which means 1:15 CST, 12:15 MST, and 11:15 PST.  She’ll be answering the questions you have and will be commenting below, as well as any that you feel like asking in the live chat that’ll be going on.  You don’t want to miss it, because I might appear. (I also might not.)

While she’s videoing, she’ll also be announcing the winner of the giveaway, so you have until Friday to enter.  (Don’t know if she’s told you that already.  Knowing Amie, she probably hasn’t.)

So, more about myself.  I am a white cat, and I have one human pet.  Her name is Rose, and she shares a cage (or known as room by humans) with Amie.  Amie hardly ever stays in her cage, but Rose likes her cage, and will spend almost all day with me.  I like my pet staying close by, but it is nice when she disappears.  Responsibility can get tiring at times.

My human is the best looking human ever.  There’s no disputing that.  Just look at her adorable face!


Of course, Amie did take that picture, but it doesn’t even do Rose justice.  Anyway…

I’m the alpha cat.  I have a servant named Snowflake, but she often doesn’t do what I tell her.  She’s not worth the food I kindly allow her to eat.  She likes to gorge her fat little face, but I’ve put her on a diet.  Of course, the diet isn’t working because she just lays under the bed, but you get the idea.  I’m a very important cat.

I suppose that sums me up.  I’m a very important cat that likes shrimp (My people don’t eat it any more! *offended sigh*) and chips.  Any kind of chips, though I do prefer orange Doritos.


Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week, in case you haven’t seen it anywhere else.  (Which isn’t likely, but better be safe than sorry.)

February 18

Amie @ — Snowball day!

Anna @ — Book review

Mya @ — Book review

Sam @ — Interview with Amie and Snowball

February 19

Amie @ — The process and ideas behind the book.

Faith Blum @ — Book Spotlight

Jana — Book spotlight

Laura Danner @ — All of the options  

February 20

Amie @ — The enemy steals the blog

Merie Shen@ — Interview with Snowball

Hannah @ — Book review

February 21

Amie @ — Amie talks about her future ideas with Snowball.

Starling @ — Interview with Amie and Snowball

February 22

Amie @ — a look at the real animals behind the book.

Parker Hankins @ — Book review and Snowball interview

Rosy Marr @ — Interview with Amie

Liz — Book spotlight, review, and interview with Snowball

Mary AKA Maria @ — Interview with Snowball

Abby Guenot @ — Book review

Holly @ — Interview with Amie

February 23Wrap up post @ — Answering your questions on a LIVE youtube video!

I thank you kindly for staying and reading this post.  I remain,


(All the above was dictated by Angel, and written by Snowball.  Rose has never taken the time to teach her cat how to write.)

29 thoughts on “Snowball Rabbit Blog Tour~Day 3~

  1. kassieangle says:

    Hey Amie! Here’s my question for the Q&A: Does Snowball do any tricks?
    And my silly song… *blushing*…
    “I dance on stilts
    He stitches quilts
    I sing in ordinary unaccented lilts
    He plays his banjo
    Eats cheddar melts
    We feel so smart in our star-spangled striped kilts”
    I used to have a rabbit (creatively named Rabbie), and my little brother Jack loved him, so I’m kinda entering the giveaway for Jack becaus I know that so many rabbit-related things will make his day!
    Also in my current work-in-progress, my lead girl’s middle name is Amie!! I love it! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. kassieangle says:

        Haha! VeggieTales to the rescue. 😉 BTW, I ended up on your blog by way of Faith’s blog tour. Your pro-life poem was amazing!! It’s a subject pretty close to my heart, since my little brothers are adopted and if they had been from America they most likely would’ve been aborted. Have you considered submitting it to TheRebelution? Just an idea… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. kassieangle says:

        Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try! Most people submit articles, but they love poems just as much and they’ve published some really neat ones. And they LOVE anything pro-life—I think they feel it’s especially powerful coming from teens. If I were you, I’d send it in and see what they think! Even if they don’t use it they’re always encouraging and always point out your strong points in writing. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura Baloga says:

    FAVORITE post of ALL, Angel! 😂😂 I totally understand you. I’m very much like Rose how I stay up in my room and how I love cats! 😁😂
    I have been enjoying daily posts, Amie, AND I entered the contest! I will definitely be watching the live video (hopefully I’ll be free) on Saturday. I’m so excited for you!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Belle Hignight says:

    My question(s): What do you guys do for school?

    Also, my 13 year old sister would love to be penpals with Rose, if she wants to. =)
    (She loves cats as well. She also likes baking. And she wants to be a reporter when she grows up.)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. toadstoolartblog says:

    Huh. I’ve never heard of a cat who liked chips before.

    My cat begged me for a taste of my ice cream cake once. He was following me everywhere I went, staring at my plate. I offered him a little lick; he sniffed it and seemed uninterested. I never could figure out what he wanted.

    Liked by 1 person

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