Snowball Rabbit Blog Tour~Day 5~

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What?  Can you believe this is the last day?  Well, not exactly the last day, but the last day with reviews and stuff.  I’m flabbergasted.  HOW DID THE TIME FLY SO FAST?  But it flew, and now I’m here to tell you some of my favorite snippets from each post, and thank each person.

With an adorable aspect, and just the right spark of suspense, this book is perfect for a friend, family member or cousin between the ages of 2 and 5. Join sweet Snowball, an innocent, and peculiar…detective rabbit (with a detective hat of course) on the search for his beloved missing apple. –Annie @Annie Writes Site

Wow, I just love that.  It’s like, the model review.  Thanks so much, Annie!  (And I love your books so much. ❤ )

I read this to my four-year-old sister, and she was smiling and laughing throughout the book. She thought some parts were hilarious and said she liked it! She will definitely be wanting to read more adventures about Snowball. 🙂 She was excited to learn Snowball is actually a real rabbit! — Mya @ Life From Behind A Camera

I love your little sister already, Mya. 😂

I rarely review children’s books, but as a library worker (and as an aunt, and just as a former reader of children’s books) I have a vested interest in knowing what is out there in every type of literature possible. That said, I am thrilled to write this spotlight on Amie and her book, Snowball and the Missing Apple. — Jana @ Review From the Stacks

Jana, this spotlight just made me smile. 😀

Ok, can we first just mention two things: 1) This book is about an adorable bunny and 2) The illustrations are absolutely adorable. — Hannah @ The Striped Plaid

‘Cause that’s obviously all we need to mention, Hannah. 😉

The story was told well and I think children (the audience it was written for) could read and understand it pretty easily. The illustrations just added to this book’s awesomeness! They look like they took a lot of work, but they turned out fabulously! — Liz @ Home with the Hummingbirds

Guys, you have no idea how happy this makes me.  I was SO nervous about releasing the pictures with the book, because I’ve always though of myself as a terrible artist.  I’m so happy the reviewers like the illustrations. *cries tears of happiness*

The illustrations in the book are sure to keep a child’s attention with their colors, cuteness, and homelike feel. It’s also handwritten in neat script, and gives it such a unique read. — Parker @ Pencils and Pianos

Yay!  I’m glad my handwriting is neat. 😛

Snowball and the Missing Apple is a cute fun book for young kids! The book has fun drawings in it and the story is very sweet! The story is very short but still adorable and clean. I’d rate it 4 stars! — Abby @ Photos by Abby Rose

I’m so thankful for all of you reviewers!  Thank you so much for taking time to be a part of this!  Today we have lots of fun, and different people posting.

February 22

Amie @ — I have no idea what I’m doing post

Parker Hankins @ — Book review and Snowball interview

Rosy Marr @ — Interview with Amie

Liz — Book spotlight, review, and interview with Snowball

Mary AKA Maria @ — Interview with Snowball

Abby Guenot @ — Book review

Holly @ — Interview with Amie

I had planned to give you a peak at the real animals, but life happened, and so I’m just commenting on the reviews, and then I asked Snowball which interview question was his favorite to answer.  He said it was this one.

Then what would you say to anyone interested in reading this book?

I would say…

Dear potential reader, I am Snowball Rabbit, and I wish you a very good day.  I hope you find everything to your liking with the weather, your breakfast, and the time you woke up this morning.  The book you are looking at is about me, and it is a very wonderful book that will remedy waking up at the wrong time, terribly burned bagels, and rainy days.  Thank you for your interest.

Truly, Snowball Rabbit, detective.

Now, it’s the last chance to enter the giveaway for the book, so hurry up and do that!


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And in case you missed this weeks fun, here’s the schedule.

February 18

Amie @ — Snowball day!

Anna @ — Book review

Mya @ — Book review

Sam @ — Interview with Amie and Snowball

February 19

Amie @ — The process and ideas behind the book.

Faith Blum @ — Book Spotlight

Jana — Book spotlight

Laura Danner @ — All of the options

February 20

Amie @ — The enemy steals the blog

Merie Shen@ — Interview with Snowball

Hannah @ — Book review

February 21 You’re here!

Amie @ — Amie talks about her future ideas with Snowball.

Starling @ — Interview with Amie and Snowball

February 22

Amie @ — a look at the real animals behind the book.

Parker Hankins @ — Book review and Snowball interview

Rosy Marr @ — Interview with Amie

Liz — Book spotlight, review, and interview with Snowball

Mary AKA Maria @ — Interview with Snowball

Abby Guenot @ — Book review

Holly @ — Interview with Amie

February 23Wrap up post @ — Answering your questions on a LIVE youtube video!

Don’t forget that tomorrow I’ll be having a LIVE Youtube Q&A to wrap up this fun time.  I’m planning it at 2:15 EST, but if you can’t make it, it’ll be saved to my youtube channel. 😀




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  1. Annie says:

    I loved reading all the reviews—I completely agree that your book is wonderful! ❤️ And thank you for the comment on my books! I’m glad you like them. 😉 Here’s another question for your Q+A: “What is your least favorite animal and favorite animal?” CANNOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW!! 🎉🎉

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