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A friend once said that my greeting is a bit on the odd side.  *thinks about it* Maybe, but I hope that I’m greeting humans.  And I think it looks cool, LOL.  Anyway, today I am going to be doing a photography post.  I haven’t done a real photography haul since October, when my dear Pixie died a slow death.

Since October, I have replaced her with a Nikon. (Yep, went from Canon to Nikon) So, here’s the photos I’ve been saving up for y’all.


If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this.  I’ve started a bookstagram, and I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures.  (You can follow me here.)


The daffodils have been blooming for quite some time now, so I’ll have a lot of pictures of them.  Last year hardly any daffodils bloomed, and so they’re extra special this year. 😉


I have no idea what kind of flower this is, but isn’t it pretty?  (This post will mostly be flowers, LOL.  All the flowers are blooming! *throws petals in the air*)


Of course, we have to have Star, right?  She likes her hat, and her book. 😂


I think I have more animal pictures than I thought…


And of course, we need pictures of water.  Water is important. *nods*


This flower smelled SO GOOD.  Like, you could be walking a few yards from it, and then the smell hit you, and AH. SO. YUMMY.


I have this thing for camellias.  Camellias are probably my favorite flowers.




I also have this new obsession with flower petals on the ground.  They’re just so pretty.


I like running water, what can I say?




Little teeny flowers.


Aren’t these flowers just awesome?  I seem to think so…


I mean, look at that! They are awesome.


The simplest thing that makes spring so happy are the little, light green leaves you see emerging, eager to begin new life.


Here’s a secret.  Amie love tulips, and where she lives it’s too warm for tulips to bloom without a little help.



Rose doesn’t understand why I like lampposts so much.  😂


Itty bitty crocuses. ❤






I’m running out of comments, LOL.




And now we have another animal!  A little quail!


Now we have moved on to my obsession with water droplets.




More tulips!





YAY! More birds. 😉


And the hawk.


And of course, we must end with the lamppost. 😉

What was your favorite picture?  Do you enjoy photography posts?  What is your favorite song?


59 thoughts on “Pictures…

  1. Great job, Amie! I’d have to say my favorite images from this post are the first few. You are great at indoor photography especially, which is actually very difficult!! 🙌🏻👍🏻🎉 YAYYY YOU ARE A NIKON USER!!! I am too. Haha!

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      1. That’s a great camera!! 🙂 If you ever need photography advice, feel free to ask–although you really are amazing! Again, great job!

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  2. Wow, you’re really good!! My favorite is tied between the white tulips or your puppy. 😂 Favorite song…? “Where Joy and Sorrow Meet.” 😉

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  3. I love the picture of the daffodils! It just reminds me of Spring. 😁 I love the photography posts you do!
    And my favorite song? Hmmm… I have many favorites! 😂 A recent one would be “Safe” by Phil Wickham.

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  4. My favorite photo was definitely the one with the books. It was beautifully put together! And favorite song (currently; it does fluctuate) would be Completely by: Jen Ledger. It is a love song to God and was so fittingly released on Valentines Day. 😉 ❤

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  5. AHHHHHHHHH I LOVED THIS POST! Please do more photography posts! 😀 😀 The pictures were so gorgeous and SPRINGY. *happy sigh* I WISH we had flowers blooming here, but sadly… nope, not really. WE DON’T EVEN HAVE DAFFODILS. Isn’t that tragic? I mean, some are blooming, but WE just don’t have any. My favorite pictures are the mourning dove, the first camelia, and the blossoms after the tulips – oh my word, that picture is stunning! ❤

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  6. Weighing in on the whole Canon/Nikon thing, which do you like better? Personally, I am a die-hard Canon girl and I don’t think I could ever switch. I considered Nikon when I got my first (and so far only) Digital SLR but I really didn’t like it… I can’t give a specific reason, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me.

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    1. That’s a good question. My Canon was over ten years old, and had so many “personality quirks” that is is amazing to have a camera with so many options. I’m probably going to stay with Nikon. 😉

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  7. Yay to all the Nikon users! I have a D3400 and LOVE IT! Great pictures Amie! You’re a much better photographer than me! * nods* BTW I love your blog. And here in Manitoba, Canada, where I live, there is 2 feet of snow and it’s like -25°C! ❄☃️😓

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      1. If you don’t mind me asking, Amie, what is your age? I’m sixteen. AND WE SHARE THE SAME INITIALS! Wouldn’t you agree that A is a great letter!😆😉

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      2. YES! A is the best letter, obviously. Sadly, I can’t tell you my age. My parents prefer for me to keep that private, but I can tell you that I am a teenager.


  8. Goodness girl, those are awesome! I love the tulip ones a lot! Great job. Yes to more photography posts!!!!!! XD 😀 Favorite song? How is that even a question, that’s way to hard. :/ Seriously. XD ;P 😛 But one of my favorite hymns is Complete in Thee. I love that one! 😀 ❤

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  9. FLOWERS! You have flowers. I want your flowers. Can you mail me some? It’s still all snowy and icy here. 😦
    I love all the pictures. Especially the lamp posts. I doubt there will ever be a true Narnian lamp post that is the exact same as the one described in the book, but those will do. ❤

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  10. LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!! especially the flowers. They are so amazingly beautiful!!!! I need spring to come here where I live. Sigh. It seems like winter has lasted forever and keeps lasting!!! Oh well, we’ll live. 😊 again, wonderful job on the pictures!!!!

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