Who Are They?

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So, I’ve only done flash fiction once, and I decided to do it again.  I’ve chosen a prompt off of Pinterest, and I’m going to show it to you in a second.  First up, I’m going to lay myself some rules.  Number one, which will be the hardest for me…(Just playing) End on a cliff hanger.  Number two, No killing characters.  And number three?  Have fun. 😉

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“How did we get into this mess again?” Aaron asked.  Kate’s hand gripped his mouth, and it tasted like grime and mud.

“Shh, they’ll find us,” she hissed, crouching lower into the pine tree.  Aaron looked towards Naomi, who was sullen watching the people who were slowly scanning the field.  Beside him sat Luke, who was leaning out just a bit too far.  “We need to stay low for a while,” Kate finally broke the silence, as the people in the field walked past their tree.

“I wanna go back,” Naomi said in her sullen tone.

“We can’t,” Kate said, sitting on her ankles.  “If we did, we’d be in more trouble than you’d believe.”

“I still don’t know how I got into this mess,” Aaron reminded.  Kate gave him an amused laugh.

“You’re my boyfriend.  You’re stuck in whatever mess I’m stuck in.”

“Poor boy,” Naomi said softly.  “You had a choice in this matter.”

“Did I?” Aaron asked, shaking his head.  Luke sat up and rubbed his beanie.

“Yeah, you did.  We’re doomed to be Kate’s siblings, but you chose to be Kate’s boyfriend. Now we’re running away from them…Again.”

“I’m still not sure who they are,” Aaron commented in frustration.  He looked at Kate as she stood up and grabbed her backpack.  “And I might be better able to help if I knew.”

“Okay, here’s the rundown,” Naomi stood up and looked at him as she crossed her arms.  “We lived with our grandmother our whole lives, since our parents got divorced when I was three months old.  They didn’t want us, so our maternal grandmother adopted us.  When Kate was my age, she was stupider than she is now, and so she ran with the wrong crowd, and almost ended up in a trade that isn’t admirable.  They’re still trying to get her.”

“But who is they!?” Aaron asked, looking from one face to the next.  His eyes rested on Kate’s, and they held a fear that chilled him to the bone.

“They are the people who lead the trade,” Kate said in a cold tone.  “And I’m not going to do what they want me to do.”

“Why not go to the authorities?” Aaron asked.

“Why not indeed?” Luke scoffed.  “We’ve been, but we don’t have any proof.  These men are too good at their job…Too good at avoiding justice.”

“So our only choice is to avoid them,” Naomi added, as she stood up.  “They haven’t been that close in a long time.”

“What if they actually get you?” Aaron asked, a dark look on his face.  The siblings didn’t respond verbally, they simply pulled back their jackets to reveal .22s.  Aaron’s eyes grew wide, and he looked from face to face.  “Do you know how to use them?”  Again, the siblings said nothing, only nodded their heads.  “How have I dated you for six months and not known a thing about this?!”

“We’re secretive,” was Luke’s only answer.

“It’s better that way,” Naomi shrugged.  “And we weren’t sure if they were still chasing us.”

“So you’re just going to keep running your whole life, Kate?”

Kate’s eyes held a weary look in them as she looked at Aaron.  “I don’t know.  Maybe someday I’ll get married, and then they’ll not want me.  But until that day, I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do, and I’ve got to keep myself and my siblings safe.”

Aaron looked from tall, clownish Luke, to small, sullen, but determined Naomi, to Kate.  His girlfriend.

“I’m not going to make you come with us, Aaron.  If you want to return to your normal life, you’re more than welcome to.  We’re moving on, though.”

“To where?”

“Well, where do you want to go?” Kate asked Luke.

“Michigan!  Let’s get a house near the Great Lakes,” Luke asked, his face lighting up.

“No, let’s go to Florida.  I don’t like cold winters,” Naomi groaned.

“Florida’s too expensive,” Kate cut her short.  “Let’s go to Kansas.  There’s no one there, and we can have a fresh start.  Aaron, you’re welcome to come with us if you want.  I’m sorry to have to do this, but…” Kate trailed off, and shrugged, but that didn’t hide the pain in her eyes.  The pain of having to leave what they knew quickly, and without warning.

“Does your grandmother know where you are?” Aaron asked gently.

“No, and I can’t tell her.  I don’t want to have them come to her house,” Kate said quietly.  “Someday we’ll go back, but until then…” Kate let out a sigh, and threw back her head.  “Are you coming with us, or not?”

Aaron thought slowly.  “What about my college degree?  What about my family?”

“Is that a no?  We don’t have all day,” Kate shook her head, impatience laced in her tone.

“Kate, I’ll find you in Kansas, just as soon as I’m done with school.  I’ll marry you, and protect you,” Aaron said.  “So for now, this is a good bye.”  He leaned down to kiss her, but Kate slapped him hard across the cheek instead.

“I don’t give ex-boyfriends kisses,” she said chillingly.  “C’mon, Naomi and Luke.  Goodbye, Aaron.”

Kate and her siblings started off, walking over the fields with all their personal belongings on their backs.  Aaron watched them, holding a hand over his stinging cheek. He would find them, Kate would just have to wait and see.

I hope you enjoyed that!  It was kinda fun to write…Though now I feel bad for Aaron and Kate…And what about Luke and Naomi?  Why does Kate drag them along with her?  There seems to be more to this story than meets the eye…

Do you enjoy flash fiction?


22 thoughts on “Who Are They?

  1. kassieangle says:

    Whoa, Amie!! Who are they…that’s a good question…what is happening, and why is it happening in the States when my mind tells me it should be happening in, say, Thailand?? Is there any chance we get more of this story? And yes, I adore flash fiction. It’s such a fun way to discover characters who really need their story told. 😉 And hey, great job not killing characters! 😆 I can’t seem to do that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aria says:

    OOH, DYSTOPIAN. That was good, Amie! Although I don’t know why everyone has .22 pistols. Sure, they’re easier for women to manage, but they don’t pack the same amount of punch as, say, a .38.

    Liked by 1 person

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