Ode to Holy Holey Socks

One by One you fell

On the battlefield called life.

One by one you scaled

The ladder to sockly afterlife.

And now I must say you’re holy,

And holey, and overly dirty,

But your piety others encouraged

To take up the fight

To warm my chilly feet,

All through the dark night.

Your work might be finished,

But you’ll always be

very holy, holey socks

To me.

Socks that I wore

Throughout good and bad

Socks that stayed close

Even when I felt sad

Even when I pushed everyone away,

I kept my socks near me

And wouldn’t send them astray.

For socks certainly save the day.

They make life better,

And they help keep your feet sweet and clean

So then your special other

Doesn’t smell your feet

and make a scene.

Socks mean much to me

It would be hard to repay

Every single one of my socks

for every single day.

And so I decided to write this poem

To show everyone

That socks are important to them.

Wear your socks

Until they’re thin

And then remember

Everything you did in them


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