Be Inspired (BIBPC 7)

I have spent the day, squirreled away practicing music and playing board games with friends, and now I sit at my desk (Aka the end of the kitchen table), and write this post.

Now, it tisn’t to be a very long post, just short, sweet, and to the point. It is the seventh day of January, and we have all had a week to work on ourselves, and whatever else we have decided to improve.

I do find it interesting, that once you start looking for answers, you find so many. In the past seven days, I feel as if I have learned more than in the past month. Good creative impute and sermons can do that for you, can’t they?

I think part of the reason a lot of us loose our creativity is because we don’t do the hard search to find things that will restore it, whether that be an underground coffeeshop, or a Sunday school lesson on forgiveness. So go, search and find things that inspire you to do better things, instead of mediocre inspiration that leaves you content with how you are.


I will show you the picture of something unnoticed. But first, let me set the scene.

In the busy, downtown part of a well-known city in the South, there is an underground coffee shop full of students and professors. As one such girl sat at a couch, she was searching for something unnoticed that started with a d.

Well, on to the picture of something unnoticed!

But first, let me set the stage.

In the downtown of a pretty well-known city in the South, there is an underground coffee shop, where students and professors mill around. A girl was sitting on a couch, and right before she left, she glanced towards the left hand corner, and was stuck by the beauty of a window.


I’m unsure if this counts for d, because it does show a drink…but hey, it was pretty and unique, so I decided to go with it. 😉

I shall be seeing you folks Saturday. *tips hat*


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