City Sparrows (Book Review)


In pitiful settings, is there any hope for redemption? Does anyone care about a dirty child and her woes?

This book was a lovely tale about God providing for His children, just as He provides for the sparrows. I enjoyed it so very much, especially how the author weaved so many different lessons into one book. And Nelly was so very cute!

An inner city kid, named Zetta, is struggling to keep herself and her sickly, older brother alive, while her mother spends all their money on drink. A pastor’s daughter battles to keep her younger sister alive, and somehow, God crosses their paths.

It was such a neat story, and I really enjoyed how much the sparrows meant to Harry, and just Harry as a whole was an awesome character. It was very intriguing to see how his character arc/part of the story. But if I’m being honest, Lillian was probably my favorite character.

There was just something about her spritely happiness that was contagious. But in my humble opinion, Margaret had the best character arc, and it was delightful to see her devotion to Nelly. I could definitely relate, since I am an older sister.

I also enjoyed how much of it took place in a hospital, and it was just neat to see a small glimpse at what healthcare looked like in 1871. (Yes, I’m obsessed with health related topics.) And basically I’m a fan of any book with a happy ending, and the ending was quite happy, so overall I’d give it four stars out of five.

You can get City Sparrows here.


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