The Earth’s Tears

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The earth joins me in my tears, as I think of all those who are so near, and yet. Tonight…today, their hearts are crying out to be saved.

The earth sighs as my breath eases, sobs calming, my tears drying. The earth sighs as she sees my need. The earth sighs as she feels and takes heed. Knowing that there are so many with the same need.

There, sitting by herself, the one who smiles as soon as your eyes meet. Yes, she’s the one the earth is waiting for. She’s the one that the earth cries for.

There, that boy, leaning against the wall, engaging in your conversation at the slightest invitation. He’s the one the earth roars over. Yes, he’s the one the thunder rolls for.

You see, these people are just like you and me, except now their pain has been overlooked, now their thoughts have been scribbled in a secret book. No one will know the tears that they cry when the middle of the night is nigh.

No one but the midnight wind. No one but the earth that they long to be in.

You go on with your busy life, never stopping to tell that girl hi. And it’s okay. The earth shall warm her in its embrace.

You never touch on topics that are dark, leaving the boy in his mind with thoughts that are stark. But that’s okay. The earth will hear his cries later today.

The wind whispers and dries their tears, when all they wish for is a human there. The tears nod and agree, life is often harder than it seems. Even the brook, which others swear is full of glee, cries in a gently harmony.

The world understands the silent sorrow of those like you and me. The cold dirt soothes our warm cheeks, the grass brushes against our sleeves. There is a need of humans in this world, but here’s the tragedy.

Nature accepts, embraces, and understands, while humans shake their heads and stand. We are different because we feel, we are different because we give in to our spiels. But it’s only so long that we will speak. You say to be silent and leave you all be?

Don’t worry, your wish will come true. The earth can only comfort us for so long, you know. Its embrace will only comfort for a time.

Human arms are what we need, human hands to pick us up. Human hearts to beat against ours, reminding us that regardless of the pain, we aren’t without a hand to hold. We aren’t without a person that will listen if told.

A person that will send flowers, to remind us the earth isn’t our only friend. We have two, and One is mightier than the earth on which we live. So lift up your chin, my doubting friend.

Sometimes we have to spend time crying to the earth in order to find that our cries were heard. Sometimes we have to spend time alone to appreciate the beauty of being told that even when the day seems grey, we have friends who are here to stay.


(Photograph from Pinterest)

9 thoughts on “The Earth’s Tears

  1. kassieangle says:

    Okay whyyy is this breaking my heart??
    Once I went for a run and I was feeling kinda sad and I don’t even know what and literally as soon as I’m done it starts raining.
    And like, this is that emotion. 💙

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