Gentle BIBPC 7

I could write a poem, but I’m afraid my mom would label it depressing. I could write about change, or about the weather. I could write about history, or something less interesting.

But I’m afraid all of the posts I could write would be labeled as something. depressing. boring. sad. unrelatable 

How can I be real and happy? How can I be myself and interesting? How can I be different and relatable?

I’m not sure, I feel as if you must choose one or the other, and can’t be both. But am I wrong? Would someone please prove me wrong? Instruct me how to be real and happy, show me how to be myself and interesting, teach me to be different and relatable.

Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to figure it out on my own. Perhaps I shouldn’t try to do it in the first place. Maybe I should just be real, myself, and different, instead of happy, interesting, and relatable.

Maybe if I accept the reality, continue to be myself, and allow myself to be different, I’ll discover happiness, I’ll be interesting, and somehow, people will relate with me.

Or maybe not. Maybe not.




5 thoughts on “Gentle BIBPC 7

  1. kassieangle says:

    Hey, I feel like every time I really write from my heart it ends up kind of sad. That, or harsher than most people see me as. In my head, I know it’s okay that I love sad things and that my passionate streak comes across harshly. So we’ll all just purpose to be real together and God’ll give us someone who relates, right?

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  2. Jana T says:

    Being real and happy may not go together now, but there’s something true in the saying that seasons always change. It may be hard and painful and overwhelming now, like drowning but never losing consciousness, but someday you will surface. Stay real, and happy will come. Maybe not right away, but it will come, and the more you stick to what you know is true, the more that happiness will mean when it comes. I’m so proud of your honesty, and if you ever need an ear, my email is always open. Keep on keeping on!

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