Motivation for Every New Day

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*takes a long sip of coffee* 

Today I’m not exactly sure where this post will go, but I want it more hype, so hang on as I turn on my hype playlist. 😉 Okey, we’re ready to start writing. So, just fyi, taking your siblings on dates is a super fun thing to do, and I would totally advise it. It’s the only way I can justify buying coffee for myself. 😂

But today our post is about something that I struggle with. Motivation for every new day.

I’m the person that loves to have a deadline set by someone else. I have a month to do this, a week to do that, I have to have this done by tomorrow night. I thrive on doing everything last minute, my brain seems to get so many ideas right before the deadline, and I can actually crack down and work on things.

But once that’s over, what’s next?

How do you wake up every morning without a goal and find motivation to do exactly what you did the day before?

I’m not sure what it’s like once you graduate, but for me while I’m still in school, it’s really hard to get up five days out of the week, workout, practice the same songs I played the day before, and do the next lesson in each of my classes. Sometimes it feels like the only thing that changes is what people post online, and what I create in my own mind. (Especially if we’re eating the leftovers that we ate the day before.)

I’m a paradox. I love and hate change. The less I see of change, the more I hate it, and the more I crave it. Without change, I get stuck in my head, loosing sight of reality.

Let me tell you, when the thoughts in your head become more real than the world around you, you’ve got yourself a problem. So how? How do you stay grounded and create your own change?

Listen to lots of different music.


Music creates different emotions and if you keep changing up your playlists, and the artists you listen to, I’ve found it helps pull me out of my head, and realize that not every day is the same.

I hate shuffle. I like knowing exactly what song is coming next, I like being positive about the order of everything, but I’ve found that eliminating surprise from life eliminates the force of the outside world.

Dress up.


Wait, what? I’m a slob when it comes to my clothing. I would literally wear sweatpants or jeans with a sweatshirt/tunic and jacket all winter long. But I’ve found that being intentional occasionally pulls me out of my rut of being a slob, and gives me confidence to take the day on, even if it’s the same as the day before.

Also, I mean, why not change your outfits? If you have comfy fancy clothes (like ruffly socks. 😍) then why not dress fancy every now again?

Talk to someone.


This is the biggest one. I hate phone calls, and sometimes I don’t like making time to video chat, but being able to talk to someone totally helps. It often gives me a new look on life, and inspires me creatively.

Even the most introverted introvert needs human interaction, and I think that’s something a lot of people forget. We need to take time in our busy schedules to talk with people, and build relationships.

If you aren’t able to do any of these things, do one thing that is so important. Pray and exercise. Those two things can change your whole outlook on a day, and help make it better. ❤

What are some of your favorite ways to change up a day? Do you have trouble with the same thing every day, or do you enjoy it?


11 thoughts on “Motivation for Every New Day

  1. Jana T says:

    I really feel the “dress up” point. I think I read somewhere that what you wear can set/affect your subconscious expectations, so if you’re wearing comfy clothes all day, your brain expects to just hang out or sleep all day, which makes it difficult to do other things. On the other hand, if you actually get dressed, it flips something and makes it easier to get things done (even if you’re still staying inside all day). I’ve definitely found that to be true for me.

    This may sound kind of ridiculous, but I’ve found that when I’m in an unmotivated funk, if I find a book that I want to read and tell myself that I can read it after I accomplish X or read portions in the morning and evening, it helps me be more motivated. I’m also a list-maker, and getting to cross things off of my daily to-do list is sometimes motivation enough. Of course, this only works when the list is a manageable size; if there are too many things and it’s unlikely that I’ll actually finish them all, then I have a hard time doing anything.

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  2. kassieangle says:

    SOMEONE ELSE TAKES SIBLINGS ON “DATES” do you realize how awkward that is to tell someone who doesn’t?? 😂 Yes, it’s an absolute blast.
    “When the thoughts in your head become more real than the world around you, you’ve got yourself a problem.” Well… 😏 Seriously though, I know exactly what you mean, and you’re right, changing stuff up is what really snaps me out of it if I’ve let myself get totally lost.
    I kind of do the opposite with dressing up—I usually wear t-shirts and blue jean skirts, but intentionally dressing really athletic is inspiring to me somehow? Going about my day in running clothes gives me that confidence for some reason, Idk. 😂
    And YES! I rarely talk to people on the phone bc I’m so painfully shy on the phone, like, worse than in person, but when I do it always gives me this adrenaline high that’ll last for like two days. 😝
    My biggest things are running errands (city kid… *shakes head*) and walking my dog and imagining something new to play with him while we’re at it. Which maybe doesn’t exactly help me get out of my head, but, y’know. 😉

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    1. Amie says:

      *laughs* I love your comments, Kassie. They always brighten up my day. You know, I think changing up your outfit in anyway way helps. Even if it isn’t exactly “dressing up.”


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