I haven’t eaten anything except for a sausage today, so pardon if my brain seems scrambled. I’m not a fan of celebrations just because it usually includes me being around screaming people, a headache, food that I can’t eat due to allergies (so I go hungry), and doing things I don’t enjoy doing.

You know. I should eat something. But I don’t want anythinggggg. #problemsofdislikingfood

There. I have made a pizza and it is waiting to be put into the oven. Since I can’t eat gluten or dairy, it’s a very modified pizza, including goat cheese (which stinks) and cauliflower crust. Also, we recently got this stuff called Buchi or something, and it’s kinda like kombucha but SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Dude. It tastes like what I’d imagine flowers taste like. 😍

Anyway, today is the last BIBPC. *sniffles* I enjoy contests so much, because they push me to do things I wouldn’t usually do. So anyway, the topic is colorful.


I’m kinda bummed at my lack of creativity. I really wanted to do candy, but I didn’t get the idea until AFTER I left the candy shop. *sighs* Also, I really don’t need to be eating more candy. Or else inflammation with flare up. *groans* ANYWAY.

Wow, this reminds me of my old rambley posts. 😂 Maybe I should write more posts on an empty stomach. (Jk, Jk, that’s not healthy, I knooooowwww, Mom.)


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