5 Things I’ve Learned YouTubing


Hi, guys, and welcome back to Amie Anne!

In case y’all didn’t know, I’ve been regularly posting on my YouTube channel for five months, and so I thought it was time to write a post on what I’ve learned from YouTubing.

1. Being on video is wayyyy different than writing a blog post.

I mean, that should go without saying, right? But being comfortable with putting your thoughts and an occasional picture of your face is wayyyy different than being comfortable with putting a video of yourself online. At first, I was so incredibly nervous, as you can tell by some of my expressions in the videos. XD I had no idea how to act during the intros, and it took awhile for me to figure out who I was, and what I wanted my videos to be like.

Even now, it’s still hard. XD I’m still changing, and exploring different ways to video, and edit.

2. It’s hard to be an actor, videographer, and script writer all in one.

I love acting, I love coming up with scripts, and getting the PERFECT shot of a video brings such a rush, and I’m addicted to it. I love the finished project coming together, and just knowing that I had it done before the deadline. (Also known as Saturday. XD) But it isn’t easy, especially when my camera doesn’t self focus. So sometimes I get my siblings to help, but. . .a ten-year-old doesn’t exactly do the job I wanted them to do.

So at times it can be a lot of work, and slightly overwhelming, but like everything. Make yourself a schedule, take it one day at a time, and if it doesn’t work for the week, then hey. No one’s mad. Do a story time or something else that doesn’t take as much work. XD

3. Schedules matter.

I wouldn’t be able to consistently post on this blog or YouTube without a schedule. XD Since I have to write the script, video, edit, upload, I have to schedule for each day, because I also have school, a blog to maintain, people to talk to, books to write, ect.

I mean, you get the idea. XD

4. Editing Software is important.

I *clap* Can *clap* Not *clap* Stress *clap* This *clap* Enough.

Understanding your software, and having quality software is so important. This is what can take a mediocre production to the next level. Bad software can knock a superb video down a few shelves. So work on your editing, and think about how much software means to you. XD

5. Thumbnail Pictures. ‘Nough said.

I don’t know why, but thumbnails are so hard. What will cause people to be interested in your video? And seriously, do you want to put text on it or not? Do you even want to bother? (Some days I don’t so that’s why I don’t always bother. XD)

Thumbnails are an art that I have yet to master. 😦

So there’s five things I’ve learned since I started YouTube! What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?

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