Keep ’em Alive


(Stealing Jo’s idea)

Amie’s are a rare breed of creatures. As in, I’ve only heard of one other Amie. So, I can only speak from what I have studied of myself, and not from deep research of the breed. If you know of any other Amie’s (Note: Amy’s and Amie’s are two different breeds, not even in the same classification system.) please let us know, so we can continue our studies.


Dogs and stars in the sky are necessary for an Amies’ utmost happiness. When a dog shares the personality of a star, their absolute bliss is accomplished. They follow Star around the house, and likewise, Star follows them around as well.

Inseparable, and having anxiety when apart, Stars and Amies go hand in hand.


Amies enjoy retreating into caves and shutting out the world and sunshine. But in order to be in their happiest element, you must force your Amie out into the sun. Once an Amie is out in the sun, they will be out there until they are sunburned.

Of course, that also is a small problem, but Amies have high pain tolerance, and tend to hurt themselves and not care. Just make sure they don’t go back in the sun the next day, so the burn has time to heal.

Also, sunshine inside the house isn’t the same for an Amie as sunshine outside. Amies need to be locked out of the house for half an hour at the longest for optimal mind refreshment.

Tea and Coffee

Amies have a chronic addiction to tea and coffee. Amies enjoy both the same, in fact, Amies have a tea for every mood, and a coffee brew for every type of writing. (Though their favorite coffee brew is Starbuck’s decaf house blend.)

If Amies have any kind of stress, they will down 1-4 cups of coffee in one sitting. If Amies are having trouble sleeping, they will drink decaf coffee or Earl Grey tea, and fall asleep mid-cup. (Wasteful, yes, but effective.)

Don’t limit Amies’ coffee and tea consumption. It will end in stressed, sad, and grumpy individuals.


Apples are one of the four core stones in Amies’ diets. They are most happy when you have a full box of apples, and the option of eating 7-8 apples a day, if they so choose. Amies indulge in stress eating apples, and so in order to keep a healthy Amie, keep lots of apples on hand.

Amies will eat 2-4 apples on an average day, if they aren’t stressed. Apples will be their go-to snack. So unless you would like all your snacks raided, keep apples.


Music is a core part of an Amie. They will be really reserved about their music choices, though open to explore yours. If an Amie shares a playlist with you, it means you have won their confidence, and perhaps are on your way to winning their hearts.

Amies also create music. But Amies don’t view their music very highly, and tend to get easily discouraged by the lack of voice and talent. Or by their sad lack of genius. So be very gentle with your Amie when it comes to creating music with them, and never listen to them. They just need more confidence, so push them so they can fly.

At least one human

This is a tricky one. Amies would rather be alone than be with some people, but Amies need human interaction to get the most out of their brains. Preferably through the screen, but they do enjoy sitting silently in a room with a person of their choosing.

Amies find that they are able to operate best when they have at least one human to see, and if they so choose, to bounce ideas off of and rant to. They also enjoy solving other human’s problems.

Alone Time

While Amies love humans, they perish without alone time. Without late hours where the house is silent, or time throughout the day where they can look up and realize that hallelujah, they are truly, absolutely alone.

The Ability to Rant

Amies process everything internally, figuring out their beliefs on a topic. But once their deep thinking has been completed, Amies like to find a victim and hurl their whole brain spiel at them. They will only say the rant once, and then shall act as if they never brain vomited on you, but you must know that this is normal.

Ranting is a quality Amies only possess when the spirit moves. Otherwise, they will be very tight lipped about everything.


Organization is important to Amies, unless they are in the middle of a project, or it’s the kitchen. To them, clean rooms and organized clothing are as important as oxygen. If an Amies’ bed isn’t made, it’s the end of the world. But if an Amie is depressed, stressed, or otherwise mentally or physically unwell, the bed will be unmade, and the mess will cover the whole floor.

Take stock on your Amie’s organization. It’s one of the best keys to see if she’s okay or if she’s lying about her emotions.

Writing about Broken People

It’s necessary for Amies’ sanities to write about broken humans. Ones that have been crushed, smushed, and kinda fit for insane asylums. Why they must write about such sad characters is much debated, but it is necessary.

Tolerate your Amie’s emotions as she falls in love with the broken characters, and spends hours away from you painfully putting together her own Humpty Dumpty. Perhaps all the king’s horses and all the king’s men didn’t care to fix that poor creature, but this girl cares and spends hours at work.

To create a character that everyone cries for.

And you look at your Amie and wonder what happened inside their brain to create a character like the one before you. And believe me, you don’t want to know.

Do you have an Amie? If so, how could you improve your care of them? Are you an Amie?


18 thoughts on “Keep ’em Alive

  1. Laura Baloga says:

    I really liked this post, it cute! XD I’m an Amie when it comes to music, alone time and at least one human. I totally agree with you on those areas! πŸ˜‰ Maybe I should do something like this on my blog! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mandalynn says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone in the universe with my name, at least not the exact spelling, so I think I must be an anomaly of a person.

    I know an Ami so I guess she is a different breed too. XD And I think I know someone named Aimee too.


  3. Kaelyn says:

    This was so creative, Amie! I read Jo’s post and I loved that you did one of these as well! I will be sure to have some apples on hand when an Amie comes around.
    *hugs! πŸ˜€
    -kaelyn πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

  4. kassieangle says:

    Well, I have a character who’s a kind of Amie–it’s her middle name, but still–and this is so much her πŸ˜† Everything but the tea/coffee, apples, and organization is pretty much her in some way or another…especially when it comes to ranting… ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lily says:

    Cool. I have a best friend named ‘Amy’ and she pretty much fits every description in the list (except the pain part, decaf coffee, and has a few of her own quirks unique to her kind. For example, she doesn’t like writing stories or characters, but she DEVOURS books. Can’t get enough for her to read. And loves art. And tries to cover my bedroom with paintings and pictures!)

    Also, I have a suggestion on not wasting tea or decaf coffee to help you fall asleep; just fill the cup half full and by the time you finish, you’ll be asleep… at least, it should work in theory, right?

    And thanks for this post, Amie. It was really fun! Hope you have a good week!

    Liked by 1 person

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