I Have Caved

Hello, my peoples.

After spending way too much time alone, and considering if my blog life and it’s activities have been productive, I realized there is one thing that typical girls do on their blog, but I have totally neglected.

*cue fanfare of incredulous gasping*

I know. Amie has totally missed a trend, after she’s obviously kept track and followed every trend in the blogsphere. So it’s time to redeem my mistake, and make my debut in this much loved corner of the blogsphere.

Welcome to Amie’s Fashion Advice, where she tries to make everyone look just as stunning as herself. *camera shutters snap as I vainly try to pose*

Today I’m going to be giving you my absolute favorite and best makeup look. Now, makeup isn’t my strong place, unlike everything else in fashion, so please bear with me. Most of the products I’m using are either from My Minerals, or the cheapest thing Walmart had.

I need to order some more stuff from My Minerals, so let me know if you want a review or something sometime. Since I am embarking on my fashionista journey. *hair flip* Anyway, on to the tutorial.


Start off with a clean face! I did start with a bit of liquid eyeliner, because I had been filming for my YouTube, and I find that on camera, a slight bit of eyeliner makes your eyes look 10 times better. (ANY makeup on camera makes you look better, let’s not lie. XD)


Put your hair in a ponytail, and apply concealer. Now, usually I apply a generous amount of concealer under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, a bit of my forehead, and on my chin, just to lighten up my skin. However, I am plumb out of concealer, and so I scrapped the last little bit and plopped it under my eyes. I also applied some generous amount of foundation under my eyes and left it to bake.


I applied a lighter shade of powder in the middle of my cheeks, and basically anywhere that I didn’t have lots of powder. The goal for this look is to look as white as you can. Unfortunately, since I only have powder foundation, I’m unable to cover my many freckles, and yeah. #freckleproblems

Also, here you can see my wonderful side profile, one of my biggest insecurities. πŸ˜‚


Next, slather a nice line of black eye shadow on your eyes. I’ve found that black eyeliner/eye shadow honestly does wonders for my eyes, making them look so reddy/brown. (Almost more red than brown, and it’s creepy.) Make sure you don’t add too much black, because then it might smear everywhere, and this black stuff is so hard to take off.

Blend it nicely all over your lids, and hum as you do so. You’re all going to love the end result.


I should have taken the rest of the pictures with my eyes closed, but did I do that? Nooooo. Anyway, I took the second darkest shade I owned, a beautiful metallic grey and put that over half of my lid, and I was happy.


Now, I added extremely thick eyeliner, with slight wings. Wings draw this whole look together, but don’t go haywire with the wings. Just a slight flick of the wrist, and then fill it in, and you’re good. I also added under eyeliner, which kinda gives it a more closed in effect.


To complete the under eye look, I added a light grey, and two darker shades, kinda tampering off from the black liner, so it didn’t look so harsh. Nothing we hate more than harsh lines.

Oh, and somewhere in here, I grabbed a bit of brow gel and just combed my brows, so all the unruly little hairs went in the same direction.

I mean, c’mon, brows. Get the message. You’re all supposed to be marching in the same direction.


Now to the fun part. Using all the rest of my scanty supply of concealer, I totally erased my lips. Now I look like a sick, wax mummy.

I totally understand if you resent looking this way, and if you do, I encourage you to go to the other extreme and slap on some red lipstick. If you want to know how to apply red lip stick, watch this.

I’m totally a professional at makeup tutorials and red lipstick, so you should enjoy that short video.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, the lips.


Paint your lips with the black eyeshadow. I’ve found that it’s best to do the inner part of your bottom lip, outline your top lip, and then rub it all together, if that makes sense.

You know, how when you were a three year old, you would put on chapstick and dramatically rub your lips together? Yeah, that’s what you do with the eyeshadow.

You also could buy black lipstick, but see. I’m just trying to be creative and cut down on waste.


You let down your hair, and voila! You look like you’re a beautiful, dying person. At least, that’s what one person has informed me. My father said that it looks like you have mold on your lips and eyes, and if you want my personal opinion, you could go around saying you have dry gangrene on your lips. Imagine the concern everyone would have.

I have been told by one person that it looks amazing, and I tend to agree with them. Due to squeezing my eyes, you can’t see the color, but I tell you, brown eyed girls, black does wonders to your eye color.

If you want to know what a lighter eye look does with this look (and what Amie’s greasy hair looks like) here you go!

Photo on 4-1-20 at 2.42 PM.jpg

If you want to see the video that cause this look to become a thing, check out my YouTube channel! I post at least one exciting video a week. I’m trying to do more, since everyone is stuck out home, and need something to amuse them.

If you absolutely love my look, make sure to create it, take a picture and post it on some social media platform or email it to me. I have an Instagram account here, if you want to tag me or DM me a picture.

See ya later, sisters.

yes I’m totally becoming a blogsphere James Charles. Watch out for your job, James. The blogsphere is going to be resurrected and I will rise.Β 


28 thoughts on “I Have Caved

  1. Pegasus says:

    I love it! I would love to do dark makeup like this, but at this point I don’t currently own any makeup and the ones that are laying around aren’t my shade
    So fingers crossed to get some after quarantine ends!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Rosy Marr says:

    Awesome tutorial, Amie!!! Not a huge fan of the style of makeup for myself, but it’s cool on other people! And your style of writing made it really fun to read. I vote you should do more of these!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ ❀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Amie says:

      I barely have any experience, either. It took people so long to knock it into my head how makeup is supposed to look. But once I learned how makeup works, I’m much better at painting portraits. Thank you, Germaine. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. banditΓΈjul | 10059793 says:

    You’re just plain gorgeous … ❀
    my hair was your length before quarantine but now it's getting a little long … yours is making me jealous for my old cut ;))
    also i love the dark/emo vibes πŸ˜› … any wow dark eyeshadow really does pop your eye color!
    this was so fun to read … gotta go hop over to youtube and subscribe now ;)))
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

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