Humor and Coffee


I tried to come up with something funny to blog about, I swear I did. All my humor has been drained from my life and painted in my world. actually I might be writing a comedic short story, and that’s what’s stealing my humor. Screaming children, yelling, and general mayhem that causes me to crawl back into my mind with a hurry hasn’t bothered me the past few days.

Grant it, I don’t expect this to always be the case, but ya know, enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, the weather has been extremely finicky lately. It was so balmy and happy, but I think it stubbed its toe, so it went down to the 40s again. But I’m not complaining. Stub your toe more often, weather, if it gets us such beautiful variety.

I have been either extremely motivated, staying on track and getting everything done, or just reading all day. It seems to rotate. My brain loves work. It craves work, deadlines, the thrill of almost failing, but if I don’t have the last two, I really like sitting still and reading or doing nothing and just staring at the wall.

Not healthy behavior, staring at a wall, but it’s so interesting to get lost in ones thoughts. Or to just sit there and do nothing.

Coffee has been tasting especially delicious, and I received a box full of new tea flavors for my birthday. That caused quite a few squeals, and I have enjoyed sharing the tea with my mom.

We had the first watermelon of the season and it tasted heavenly. Warm, watery, sweet, and crisp. No hate, but people who can eat soggy, bright red watermelon confuse me. I personally prefer crisp, pink watermelon.

Today, my whole day was lit up by receiving a snailmail letter from a blog reader. So sweet of them to write! ❤

The sky is so blue, it makes me want to just become a part of the sky. I’ve always been bummed that I have brown eyes, since blue is my favorite color. It’s kinda worse in my mind, because my dad and half my siblings have amazing blue eyes, and I got the brown eyed genes. *sighs* But when my eyes look red, I’m not quite so mad any more. XD

Of course, since I have my mom’s eyes, my dad always tells me that he thinks my eyes are the prettiest thing about me. Think he’s a little biased? XD

Banana bread has become a staple in our house, don’t know why.

This post is getting even more boring.

You see, I went to a place where people existed for the first time in two calendar months. (I lost count of weeks.) (Actually, I lost count of everything, lol.) And now I’m kinda like, wow. Insanity has set it. And I’ve lost it all enough to just ramble about nothingness.

So pardon this post.

I’m a bit frazzled.


11 thoughts on “Humor and Coffee

  1. Germaine Han says:

    And it’s okay to be frazzled or humorless, Amie. We all need to recharge sometime ❤

    Also, okay. What's watermelon like in the US? Tropical fruits being exported always interest me because my version of mangoes sometimes does not equal other people's version of mangoes, and I am intrigued.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Pegasus says:

    Yes, my whole family has blue eyes too! My dad’s and my eyes are both hazel, which is annoying since hazel is neither green nor brown, and hazel is not what I classify as a real color.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kassieangle says:

    “Insanity has set in.” I felt that. 😝 Thankfully we’re getting out again too though.
    I have my dad’s blue eyes, and I’m in love with that fact… but fight me over my baby brothers’ black-brown eyes, because they’re all kinds of adorable 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amie says:

      *laughs* Yeah, we are getting out of it again, too. 😉
      Awe, brown eyes can be cute. At times. And the variety in the different shades of brown can be fascinating.


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